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Variety artists with their best songs

Best Artists

My friends always ask me what is the best songs that I ever heard. I listen to country, R&B, ballad, or soulful until I found my love for K-pop, K-rock, R&B, and ballad. I always love music. I find myself attracted toward to Korean music than American music since Korean music described me better. So I will list songs that I loved (male/females singers).


K. Will: "I need you", "Growing", "Marrying Me", "Nonfiction", "Right in Front of You", "Only You", "The Person Who I Love", "Beauitful Moment", "Dropping the Tears", "Love is like a Punishment", "Love Blossom", "Fall in Love", "Our Song", "Talk Love", "So Pretty", and "You're so Beauitful"

G-Dragon: "Untilted, 2014"

Day6: "Congratulations", "I Wait", "Letting Go", "I Need Somebody", "All Alone", "I'm Serious", "DANCE DANCE", "I'll Remember", "Hi Hello", "Falling", "Be Lazy", "Hurt Road", and "You Were Beauitful".

Eric Nam: "Melt My Heart", "The Night","Good For You","Can't Help Myself (ft. Loco)", and "Stop the Rain"

Park Bo-Gum: "Let's Go See the Stars" and "Bloomin"

Yong Jun Hyung: "Don't Hesitate"

Kim Tae Hyun: "Sometime"

HUI: "Maybe"

Huk Gak: "Cosmos"

BTS: "Epiphany"

NCT 127: "No Longer"

Super Junior: "At Least There's You", "Daydream", and "Evanesce"

TVXQ: "Bollero" and "Don't Cry My Lover"

RAIN: "The Best Present"

Jeong Se Woon: "It's You"

Gaho: "Not Over"

Samuel Seo: "Pain Or Death" and "Jungle Riot"


Lee Sora: "Into My Heart"

Hong Seo Young: "Counting Stars at Night" and "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

Apink: "The Wave" and "NoNoNo"

Kang Sira: "Don't Wanna Forget"

TWICE: "FANCY", "Breakthrough", and "Feel Special"

Baek A Yeon: "Always Be With you", "Hug Me", "Starlight", "Farewell Ballad", "A Lot Like Love", "Just Go", "Sad Song", and "The Little Match Girl"

Davichi: "Sunset" and "Forgetting You"

Jang Jane: "Venus", "Petal Fortune", "Again", "Hallucination (ft. NaShow)", and "Shame on You"

IU: "Love Poem", "Bad Day", "Knees", "Autumn Morning", "Above the Time", and "Give You My Heart"

Jeong Eunji: "Being There", "Hopefully Sky", " You're My Garden", "Stay With Me", and "The Spring"

Jessica (Jessica Jung): "Love U", "Wonderland", "Fly", "Dancing on the Moon", and "Call Me Before You Sleep"

KLANG: "Don't Cry", "Everything Goes By", "Horizon", "A Story You Just Do Not Know", and "The Wanted"

Taeyeon: "Only One", "I", "All About You", "Farewell", "Secret", "Dear Me", "My Tragedy", "When I Was Young", "Spark", "I Do", "Blue", "Rain", "Angel (ft. Chancellor), "City Love", "VOICE", "I'm the Greatest", "Something New", "All With You", "Rescue Me", "Feel So Fine", and "I Blame on You"

Kim Yuna: "To You" and "Be Colored"

Suzy: "When We Were" and "Ring My Bell"

Hyolyn: "Our Tears", "I Miss You", "Goodbye", and "Spring Watch"

GAIN: "I Believe" and "Set Me Free"

Wendy (Red Velvet): "What If Love", "Don't Push Me", "Only You", and "Goodbye"

Seuligi (Red Velvet): "Always"

Lena Park: "Like a Starlight"

MINSEO: "Star" and "You Must Love Me"

LeeHi:"Breathe" and "My Love"

Kriesha Chu: "Delight", "Sunset Dream", and "Like Paradise"

Ailee: "I Will Go to You Like the First Snow", "Is You", and "Just Look for You"

Minah (Girl's Day): "Truth", "Butterfly", and "I'm a Woman too"

JIN (Lovelyz): "Gone"

Red Velvet: "One of These Nights"

Rothy: "Temperature", "Stars", and "Sullae"

Safira K: "Way Back", "Let's Just Fly", and "I'm No Longer There Without You"

SooYoung (SNSD): "Winter Breath"

Seohyun (SNSD): "Moonlight"

2NE1: "I Love You", "Goodbye", "Ugly", and "HAPPY"

Puff Kuo: "I Love You"

Orange Caramel: "The Gangnam Avenue"

IZ*ONE: "Someday", "You & I", "Violeta", and "Daydream"


Lovelyz: "When We Were Us", "Moonlight", "Rewind", and "Twinkle"

Jade Renteria
Jade Renteria
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