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Barranquilla Shakes (and Breaks the Internet) with A Huge Statue Of Shakira

Shakira wins bronze in Barranquilla, and the internet can't stop hip-terical Jokes

By Bellart StudioPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

Barranquilla honors their global music icon with a 21-foot bronze tribute, and the internet has some hilarious takes.

Shakira has unmistakable thighs, but the internet is having a field day with new photos released in her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia. The 21-foot-tall bronze giant embodies the singer's swaying mid-thigh, immortalizing his iconic "butt is not a lie" motto forever.

While the people of Barranquilla are undoubtedly proud of their hometown hero, the internet couldn't stop mocking the statue's, shall we say, "physically perfect" image. Memes and jokes soon flooded social media, with many users comparing the statue to everything from belly dancing to the man hour.

But inside the comics, there's also an plain love and admiration for Shakira. Rising from humble beginnings in Barranquilla to worldwide superstardom, the singer is loved by means of thousands and thousands around the sector. His photo, regardless of his comedic competencies, is a testomony to his superb expertise and unwavering willpower to his roots.

Quote: "It makes me glad to percentage this with my parents and particularly on my mother's birthday," Shakira wrote on Instagram, along side a picture of her family posing in front of the statue.

Even Shakira herself seems to acknowledge the joke. In a follow-up post, she shared a video of the statue with the caption, "I am so happy to see this tribute to the women of Colombia and the city of Barranquilla in my land and from." in!"

So, whether you dissect memes or feel inspired by Shakira's story, one thing's for sure: this photo is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. And hey, at least that’s not as controversial as the Cristiano Ronaldo bust…

Bronze tribute: A 21-foot statue of Shakira was unveiled in Barranquilla, Colombia

A celebration of the global brand

There was a big event in the heart of Barranquilla, Colombia as the city proudly unveiled a 21-foot statue of internationally acclaimed singer Shakira designed by the talented Yino Marquez, and the big sign though tribute to the Grammy-winning artist’s musical influence and important connections to his hometown

Shakira's hometown tribute: Statue unveiled

Shakira's roots run deep in Barranquilla, and the city has taken a special step to celebrate her global sensibility. A bronze statue of Shakira holding her iconic "hips don't lie" pose now stands tall on a waterfront walk, testament to the singer's extraordinary career

Making masterpieces: The artistic journey of Yino Marquez

Examining the artwork, sculptor Yno Márquez, director of studies at Barranquilla's Academy of Public Art, spent five months meticulously creating the sculpture From the clay modeling to the final bronze casting, Márquez aiming for perfection, making sure the image really embodied Shakira's essence.

A Symbol of Shakira's Essence: The Unveiling Ceremony

Shakira, beaten with emotion, shared glimpses of the disclosing on her Instagram. In a touching tribute on her mom's birthday, she expressed gratitude for the respect bestowed upon her and her circle of relatives.

The willpower plaque, with words "too much for her heart," outlines Shakira's impact as a composer, performer, and philanthropist.

Night Illumination: Adding a Radiant Touch

A precise characteristic of the statue entails plans to illuminate it at night. Márquez's creative imaginative and prescient extends beyond daylight, with the goal of putting a mild in Shakira's palms, growing a luminous spectacle alongside the Barranquilla waterfront.

Beyond Shakira: A Dual Celebration

In addition to Shakira's statue, Barranquilla determined to erect some other statue representing the town's coat of hands. Both installations, together costing 700 million Colombian pesos, exhibit the metropolis's dedication to celebrating its cultural historical past.

Shakira's Personal Involvement: A True-to-Life Sculpture

Shakira's commitment to the project went beyond mere approval. The singer individually visited Márquez to make sure the sculpture captured her likeness authentically. The artist discovered that Shakira herself praised the sculpture, thinking about it the maximum lovely rendition ever.

A Symbol of Endurance: Shakira's Journey Through Time

Having first met Shakira while she became just 15, Márquez sees her as a image of effort, discipline, and development. The statue stands now not most effective as a tribute to her musical prowess however additionally as a image of Shakira's resilience and determination.

Shakira's Impact Beyond Barranquilla: A Global Sensation

Shakira's influence extends some distance past her fatherland. The unveiling comes on the heels of her breaking YouTube facts and settling a tax frau.

Spotify Honors: Dedication Day for Shakira

Prior to the statue's release, Spotify recognized Shakira as the most streamed female Latin artist in history. The streaming giant declared September 29 as "Shakira Day" in response to the #ShakiraDeservesADay campaign launched by its Colombian fanbase.

Columbia Roots: Shakira's eternal muse

With a heartfelt confession, Shakira revealed how her Colombian roots are a constant source of inspiration. From color to culture, from sound to story, Colombia has played an important role in Shakira’s artistic journey.

Conclusion: A undying tribute to a dwelling legend

In end, the unveiling of the Shakira statue in Barranquilla marks a historical second, mixing artwork, culture and tribute. This photo no longer handiest captures the physical likeness of Shakira however also shows a global icon who keeps to inspire tens of millions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why did Barranquilla decide to put in a statue of Shakira?

• Barranquilla honored Shakira for her extraordinary contribution to music and her relationship with the club.

2. How long did it take to create the bronze statue of Shakira?

• Sculptor Yino Marquez spent five months painting the statue.

3. What is it about lighting up the Shakira statue at night?

• The lighting provided at night makes the sculpture glow, giving it a stunning view at the water’s edge.

4. Why did Spotify declare September 29 "Shakira Day"?

• Spotify honored Shakira as the most engaged female Latin artist in response to the viral #ShakiraDeservesADay campaign.

5. What role has Colombia played in inspiring Shakira’s art?

• Colombia serves as an inconceivable source of inspiration for Shakira, influencing her in ter

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