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Arijit Singh’s Success Story

Here we are going to narrate the success story of one of the most sought-after singers of our times, Arijit Singh.His story is not that of an ordinary singer. He was one of those many talents who thrived unrecognized and unidentified.

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At present, we know him to be the King of Playback Music in Bollywood, but he began his journey out of ruins.Let us narrate to you the whole story about how he built his entire kingdom from a single brick. Born in a quaint little town of Murshidabad to a Bengali mother and a Punjabi father, he began learning music from quite a young age.

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First Step Towards The World Of Music

How Arijit Singh struggled tirelessly towards the road to success, is an inspiration in itself. He started on his journey with the hugely popular reality show ‘Fame Gurukul’ in the year 2005, after his Guru ‘Rajendra Prasad Harjari’ coaxed him to participate. He was merely 18 and left his hometown for his pursuit of Music.His attempt was to join the competition as a Harbinger of Classical Music, as at that time many felt that classical music was slowly vanishing from the music scenario.Unfortunately, due to low public votes, he got eliminated from the show at the 6th position.

A Ray Of Hope, Followed By A Series Of Misfortunes

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the well-acclaimed director recognized his talent and went over to contact him. Bhansali appreciated him and said that whether he won or not, it didn’t matter. He made Arijit sing the song ‘Yun Shabnami’ for his upcoming movie ‘Saawariya’, which turned out to be a huge hit later on, but however during the filmmaking process, the film script changed and the song was no more required, so it never got released.

After this incident, Bhansali lost contact with him and Arijit went back home. Later Kumar Taurani, the head of Tips recognised Arijit’s potential and signed him for an album, but once again, contradictory to all his hopes and aspirations, the album didn’t release.Two such major failures would have shattered anyone, but Arijit Singh didn’t give up. Without losing any hope, he again set out on a new journey.

The Slow Rise

He failed, got disappointed, but never lost out on hope and passion. His flair for singing again brought him back to Mumbai. He began staying on rent in the Lokhandwala area of Mumbai, set up his own rented studio and began composing music. This helped him improve his musical skills. Later he received several opportunities to assist music directors, after which our Arijit finally had his moment of victory.

Singing Career From 2010 Onwards

Began assisting Pritam in the year 2010 on ‘Golmaal 3’, ‘Crook’, ‘Action Replay’ etc.Made his first professional singing debut with a Telegu film named ‘Kedi’In 2011 Arijit Singh made his Bollywood Music Debut with the Mithoon-composition ‘Phir Mohabbat’ from ‘Murder 2’, it was recorded in 2009 but it released in 2011.

Later, in the same year, he also debuted for Agent Vinod, Cocktail and Barfi.He was awarded the Mirchi Music Award for the best upcoming Male singer particularly for his song ‘Dua’ from the movie ‘Shanghai’ and was nominated in the same category for the song ‘Phir Le Aya Dil’ from ‘Barfi’.His moment of fame and recognition came with Aashiqui 2, in which he was the lead and key vocalist.Arijit won numerous titles for his performances in Aashiqui 2 and also got nominated for the Filmfare Awards.

Aashiqui 2, Arijit’s Ladder To Success

Since Aashiqui 2, there has been no looking back for him. He started on his journey from absolutely nothing and came across plenty of odds, encountered difficulties all through, but didn’t ever give up. Life is not a bed of roses and the journey to success is always full of thorns and broken glasses, but that doesn’t mean that you will give up. All those who really want to be big in life should always get motivated from people like Arijit Singh. His story serves as a rule book for all of us.

These days Arijit Singh is a larger sensation than all the Bollywood superheroes, it doesn’t matter, which superstar features in which of the movies, if we have Arijit’s voice for the songs in the movie, we know that more than half the work has already been done, as the songs create a major impression on the audience even before the film gets released. He is like the face of today’s playback music in Bollywood.So now you know that Arijit Singh, our favourite singer loved by the entire nation, as he sings in almost all the regional languages besides Hindi, went on to become what he is, solely on the basis of his own efforts and continuous hard work.

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