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Ant-Man (2015)

Movie Review

By Zuvin MaharzanPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
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However, now Hank needs someone who can and is willing to put on a suit again. He chose Scott. His impressive stealth, dexterity, and stealing abilities are exactly the skills Ant-Man needs. Watching Scott pull Spider-Man out and learn how to jump in and out of the keyhole, adjust the size, and use his mind to deploy an army of ants on the battlefield. From action sequences to character interactions, everything works well.

The pleasantly (and literally) realistic scale of Ant-Man is largely a factor in Rudd's adorable portrayal of the cutest and cutest cat thief imaginable - a very incredible superhero. Despite his newfound abilities and sculptural abs, he refuses. take yourself or his efforts too seriously. One of the film's hallmarks is the gap between Ant-Man's little heroism, which takes place on the set of a children's train during the film's climax, and how these characters look to normal-sized people. In Ant-Man, the Dark Character version of Marvel Rudds - a hero first introduced in 1962 - creates a perversely pleasing combination of punishment and power.

Ant-Man plays Paul Rudd as life-size Scott Lang, a petty thief who can shrink at will and create all sorts of problems. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) takes on the role of Ant-Man from Hank Pym in the latest Marvel superhero movie. When - well, many months ago - it was announced that Edgar Wright was working on Ant-Man for Marvel, most fans assumed it wouldn't be Scott Lange - the divorced ex-prisoner he was trying to keep. a daughter created by John Byrne and David Michelin in 1979, but the original Marvel Ant-Man, Hank Pym, Founding Avenger Lee-Kirby, whose big storyline (he created Ultron) has been reassigned to Tony Stark in the films. Perhaps it was this powerful, overpowered, and easily underestimated quality that led the various iterations of the character - no one likes to talk about Irredeemable Ant-Man - to last 50 years, even though they rarely had a comic name to name. their own.

The website's consensus reads: “Driven by Paul Rudd's addictive gameplay, Ant-Man delivers Marvel thrills on a suitably small scale, though not as smoothly as its more successful predecessors. the disarming amalgamation of The Incredibly Shrinking Man and Riffy in Brian De Palma's first film Mission Impossible, except that Jules Dassin's blunt element is added to the mix again. Slattery manages to reprise his Iron Man 2 performance as Howard Stark in one scene, while Martin Donovan turns out to be rather sinister in the more significant role of one of the less reliable Starks. SHIELD He's one of those stars in a movie like this. He needs, along with other actors who are capable and ready for it, and forces the Ant - Enjoy your challenging heist, which involves (yes) a fleet of ants and the hero's ability to shrink. and grow at the touch of a button.

For me, this Ant-Man debut is the second-best debut movie (after the first Iron Man and slightly better than the first Captain America). I'm a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and given my profession, it's no surprise that Ant-Man is one of my favorites.

The protagonists Scott Lang and Hank Pym, played by Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, respectively, have appeared in Marvel comics for decades with their ability to talk to and adjust the size of ants. Most of the focus is on the heroes, but Marvel handles them so well that it is easy to ignore the villains. This movie started a bit slower than other Marvel movies, but choosing to represent and portray all the characters made me care more about them. A movie that also applies to a robbery movie, Ant-Man requires you to take care of his character through emotion and family.

Often borders on too many lines, but manages not to overdo it, like Iron Man, in each of his theatrical performances. Even if you compare it to the latest Marvel films, it has more lines, but it's not fun anymore. It is also a film that made some filmmakers wonder when original director Edgar Wright split from Marvel due to some "creative differences."

We may never know what it is, even though there is speculation that studios and producers like Kevin Fitch are forcing other aspects of the MCU into it is Dr. Hank’s own origin story. Pim and the thief Scott Lang (Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd, employed by Wright) restarted his Ant-Man design. Feige stated in January 2013 that Ant-Man would be part of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,[85] and in May stated that the script needs to be changed to adapt to the universe because the project has been under development until then. A movie about Iron Man. The release of Edgar Wright caused a lot of hype. He was supposed to be the director of the screenwriter and director, but he withdrew because of the "creative difference" (a common excuse).

After several years of preparation for filming, Wright left the project, although he and Joe Cornish received both script and plot credits, with yet another draft of the script from star Paul Rudd and his script partner Adam McKay. But when Wright and Marvel parted ways in May 2014, star Paul Rudd embarked on a late rewrite with student TV presenter Adam McKay, while Yes Mans Peyton Reid took over the director's chair. While we can complain about the most elegant and creative joke we could get from director Edgar Wright (who left the project due to creative differences and was replaced by Peyton Reed), this hilarious and impromptu franchise starter is based on its incredible protagonist cuts (played by starring in a play by Paul Rudd) and appears with a smaller, more heartfelt origin story than most comic book heroes usually give. Directed by comedian Peyton Reid (Bring It On, Break Up, Yes, Man) and written by Edgar Wright, Adam McKay, Joe Cornish, and Paul Rudd (the main character), this film is satisfying enough. part of the work of drones from the ever-expanding colony of Marvel-Disney.

It has grossed over $ 519 million worldwide and has received positive reviews from critics, who generally hailed films at lower rates than other MCU films, as well as its cast (especially Rudd, Pena, Lilly, and Douglas), humor, and visuals. In December 2013, Wright, a childhood comic fan who owns copies of Tales to Astonish No. 27 with the storyline "The Man in the Anthill" and Marvel Premiere n. 47 with the first appearance of Scott Lang - stated that the difference between Ant-Man and other films featuring resizing is that “other shrink films usually tell about someone small being trapped. At the center of Ant-Man, there is this lot of silly science, which is explained the way it happens in films of this type, not only in the style of Marvel but in any science fiction film (atoms and things that also become subatomic, from which I will talk about later).

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