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Adding the "x" factor in your life- Violin lessons

Starting a new chapter with Violin

By Stradivari StringsPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Violin lessons can be a life transforming experience for some, if you are fascinated by music and its vibrations, if you are looking forward to understanding the basics and fundamentals of violin and make your career in music, then violin classes Singapore is your place to be.

Many people are learning to play violin as a hobby and career. This instrument has its own unique importance in music events. It is a contemporary element of folk music, country, and jazz. For decades and centuries, it has been part of non-western music culture such as Indian, Asian, and more. Thanks to its sweetness in music, it has travelled across the world from Europe to Asia. Playing violin can be a promising career as well as a productive change in lifestyle. It has wide application in the music industry, you can be part of concerts, play violin in events, start your online streaming to teach and create music and much more.

With the latest innovation in the music industry, you can even take more out, with the power of fusion culture in music. Further in this article we shall study how do you prepare for your violin classes, what should you expect out of your violin classes and how do you find a right violin teacher for the best of your journey to begin.

violin lessons Singapore

Once you go through this article you shall be able to make your decision about joining a violin lesson with ease of your mind, we have also added some basic head off that these violin lessons provide you.

How to prepare before your violin classes

Learning to play violin can be fun and demanding at the same time. To effectively learn violin, you need to be clear in your mind during your violin lessons. With a clear and calm mind, you can focus and practice with ease. With voices in your head or stress of any pending task, you may not focus on fundamentals and basics, this can result in wrong understanding of basics all across your life.

While at session, you must be fully present and be fully aware of your surroundings. You can practice calming your mind before your sessions. While in your classes, make sure you keep your devices which could distract you in silent mode. Do not enter the violin lessons Singapore with anything due in your mind, such as meeting with a friend or another class or more, this could lead you to ineffective focus on your lessons. You need to be at your creativity level while in lessons, this can only be done with the best of your attention while in session. So do not keep anything pending and do not push your limits while in the matter of music.

Music classes and health clubs are surely two different dimensions that demand different type of will power and practices. You prepare for your violin lessons with peace in mind, calm mood, and no expectations. Whatever you receive then shall be truly a blessing. You can practice some meditation and yoga with your session, this will give you best calm and will double the benefits of your violin classes. This combination has done miracles to thousands of people.

What to expect from these lessons

You cannot expect to play some songs in just a couple of days of your violin lessons, but at the same time you can also not expect the growth to be too slow, that you are not able to play a simple song after a complete week of your violin lessons. In the first week, your fundamentals should be clear, you should be able to read music and most importantly you should be able to tune your violin in the first week.

You should not rush to learn and become a pro in quick time. While taking violin lessons Singapore, there is nothing called quick learning, because music is played from within and need practice from your heart. Your lessons can teach you to understand the vibes of the notes, movement of fingers in the rhythm of music.

These lessons harmonise your mind and soul, you basically get trained in understanding music within, what comes out next is truly a melodious creativity. You can expect your lessons to be creative every day, every day you will be achieving something that will make you feel pride. Your practices increase your focus, and you create tunes and practice songs with ease after a while. Practice shapes your journey to perfection. Music is all about practice, the more you learn, the more creativity comes out from your hands. One can expect to be creative, skilled, focussed and become an expert with consistent practice.

How to find right instructor

A right teacher shall be able to deliver a comprehensive violin course, from beginner to moderate level, with ease of teaching. First you should check if the instructor is certified from a reputed music institute or not. If he is certified to teach, he must be able to transfer all the fundamentals a violin master needs to know. All the basics for beginners must be at the start of the course.

violin lessons

The teacher at violin lessons knows that you are a starter and need to start with understanding the music language such as reading and recognizing music, tuning a violin and more. He should be cooperative to answer all your questions. Normally violin lessons Singapore are very friendly but at the same time these lessons need continuous attention from tutor to students because there could be students who are shy to ask. In such a case a teacher should recognize and correct the respective element of the class, thus a violin teacher should be proactive.


Nowadays teachers are delivering pdf notes and sheets for your home practice, this is the latest development which a teacher must also include in his teachings. Although music is the same for all ages and it creates no bars and divides, the teacher must address different age factors involved in the class. A relatively old student would have more understanding of music than a young champ, these things are important to consider for a teacher.


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