A Journey Through Scottish Bands

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An Undying Love

My music taste has always been a tad, shall we say, broad to say the least. From the old school pop punk days to the ridiculous pop which storms the charts it is safe to say that I will listen to just about anything. However, the bands which hold the key to my heart are of the Scottish persuasion. From the small indie folk bands to those which are known throughout the world, my own journey with them has helped me through good times and bad times.

At a young age, I first fell in love with Biffy Clyro, a band which I have grown with as they have grown. An obsession with this band started within me, to say the least. Now with two tattoos, 18 T-shirts, and all of their albums on vinyl, it is fair to surmise that they have left a mark on my heart. Personally, I prefer their older albums such as Blackened Sky and Infinity Land, however that may be the "emo" in me talking. Simon Neil as a lyricist is truly in a land of his own, providing both absolute anthems which can get any crowd going to more hard-hitting songs which make you truly appreciate the small things in life. I have lost count of the number of times in which I have seen them live and will continue this throughout my life. This band has provided the soundtrack for so many important events in my life, from prom to milestone birthdays to making new life-long friends; this band truly caters to everyone's needs.

From Biffy Clyro, this ignited a whole new love for, when I discovered them, a small Glaswegian band called Twin Atlantic. Only having just released their debut album when I found them, I knew this was a band which I would never escape. Again this is a band which I have lost count of how many times I have seen them, but they remain to this day one of the most humble that I have met. The sheer look of disbelief on Sam's face when he walks out to a crowd will be certain to put a smile on anyone's face. Over the years this band has only grown and with that, the music which they provide has also grown. Through this band, I also met my best friend of 10 years and will be forever thankful to them for bringing her into my life as she has been there for me through the good times and bad. One of the most upbeat bands which I have on my playlist, it is fair to say that this band is a real crowd pleaser. From playing at tiny venues to headlining major festivals, this band is one to watch. They have provided me with memories to last a lifetime, from being at gigs with my friends and thoroughly enjoying life to being shoved into mosh pits, this band will definitely tire you out. I urge you to start with A Guidance from Colour and then grow with the band as you go through a journey with them which showcases their talents.

Taking a complete U-turn from these bands, I then found The LaFontaines. The true definition of a party band. If you like rap, rock, and Scottish accents, believe me, this is the band for you. It is safe to say that this band is definitely like marmite; you either love them or you don't. This being said, you cannot take away the stage presence that Kerr commands. The way in which he engages and relates to the crowd, the music itself which is produced by them is enough to even get your granny on her feet and the sheer not caring attitude is what makes this band unique. If you ever get the chance, please see this band at the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow. This venue alone makes a good night fantastic, but with this band, it will completely smash your expectations. A band from Motherwell which is quickly moving up the ranks in the music industry is one that you should not at least give a chance to listen to.

Finally, with a devastated heart, I am on to the more profound bands which I have discovered, Frightened Rabbit. A band which in every meaning of the word is outstanding. From hard-hitting lyrics to toe-tapping songs, this band will wrench your heart out in every possible way. The late Scott Hutchison was the genius behind the lyrics, a death which has hit me extremely hard. As Scott was always so open with his mental health through the lyrics which he wrote, it's safe to say that this band will get you through difficult times throughout your life; I know they did for me. From sensitive subjects of sex and suicide to songs about dancing, this band did well and truly gave a different perspective on life. It is with a heavy heart which I write about this band, a band which has helped me through particularly difficult times with my own mental health, but the songs in which they produced will always give you a sense of belonging. A sense that someone else felt exactly the same as you; that someone had the courage to say everything you were feeling; someone that just "gets it." The way in which Scott portrayed himself through this band, both on social media and on stage, will always give me the hope which I need in dark times. This band will forever hold a special place in my heart and soul and will continue to help me through dark times which may lie ahead. I believe this band will also give me the strength and courage to better myself as I hope to "make tiny changes to earth" as Scott sings about.

From the heavy rock to the poignant souls, Scottish bands are well and truly a journey which you should go through at some point in your life. I have only just scratched the surface with the number of bands which are out there. These four bands in particular however hold a special place in my heart and will throughout the rest of my life.

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