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A Friend Of Mine Wrote A Soundtrack To My Book

by René Junge 21 days ago in playlist

The first novel I ever wrote was an urban fantasy novel about a race of telepaths living among us undetected. The best thing that happened to me back then was that a friend wrote a soundtrack for it.

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Today I want to introduce you to some damn good songs that will never make it into the charts because they were just to promote my book.

All these songs were written by a very good friend of mine who worked together with another musician.

I was stunned when my friend Oliver Rahn wrote to me and asked me if he could produce a soundtrack. Of course, I enthusiastically said yes. He didn't want any money for it, but he worked with dedication as if I had offered him a million for it.

Each song refers directly to a key scene in the book. You don't have to know the book to feel the atmospheric density of these songs. I was blown away by the intensity of the music, the quality of the songwriting, and the almost uncanny correspondence between the atmosphere of the book and the songs.

The book is currently no longer available in the shops. I plan to revise it and re-release it with a new cover.

But enough talking - now it's time to introduce the songs to you. Here are eleven punk rock and metal songs for my book "The Centerer."

Song 1: Intro

I especially love the intro with the perfect transition to the main part.

Song 2: Assault

Assault is about the antagonist in the book. Spherewalker belongs to a line of telepathic people who split from the Centerers many thousands of years ago. These renegades do not abide by the laws of the Centerers and abuse their power.

Song 3: Washington Bar

The bar this song is about really exists. The atmosphere there is unique. In the story, David, the main character of the book, and Katja meet there. David recognizes Katja as a member of his people, who doesn't suspect anything of her powers. The two become lovers and fight together against Spherewalker.

Song 4: One Of Us

After the song about the bar follows one that describes the moment when David recognizes Katja as a member of his people.

Song 5: Centering Darlas Descendant

Darla is the original mother of the Centerer people. In prehistoric times she was the first to develop telepathic abilities and then gathered a Tribe around her to teach them these arts.

The two become lovers and fight together against Spherewalker.

Song 6: The Tape

Spherewalker and his allies create a bloodbath in Hamburg's city center. The massacre is portrayed from the perspective of a cameraman who happens to be present. The Tape refers to the film footage of this cameraman, the publication of which deeply disturbs people.

Song 7: Running For Her Life

Katja becomes the target of Spherewalker. He hunts her to punish his adversary David. The tempo of the song reflects the wild action of this part of the story.

Song 8: F.U.B.A.R

The meaning of the title of this hard metal song comes naturally when you listen to it - a disturbing sound, driven by aggression and anger.

Song 09: Sacrifice

David promises to do everything in his power to protect Katja from Spherewalker. It's equal parts declaration of war and love. It's equal parts declaration of war and love. The mixture of desperate rage in the verse and the hymn-like refrain gives this song an unusually powerful, emotional range.

Song 10: Payback

The time has finally come when David, Katja, and the wise old Rafael can go on the counterattack. Spherewalker must be careful, for his power is not unlimited, as he will soon discover.

Song 11: Winners And Losers

At the end of the battle, the dead are counted. There are winners and losers, but even victory leaves a bitter aftertaste.

My friend Oliver doesn't know that I wrote this article. Please surprise him with lots of Likes and some friendly comments on Soundcloud.

Oliver is one who doesn't ask for what he gets in return when he's helping someone else. With this article, I honor my good friend, who has done so much for me.

René Junge
René Junge
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