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A$AP ROCKY throws shades at Drake on Kid Cudi's New Album after Drake fires a Rihanna diss

Things just got heated in the Rocky Camp!

By Maame AppiahPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Hello everyone! Immediately Check out this song from Kid Cudi's new album, where Rocky takes aim at Drake. Immediately in response to Drake's criticism of him and Rihanna, Rocky released his most recent album in Soo on Friday, January 12th, which includes a duet with ASAP. On the song "Wow," Rocky calls out to Drake and then shoots some rounds in his direction while rapping "Aake a Man." The root of a plant known as "drake," which was previously taken from Mediterranean plants of the genus Mandora, is used to treat a number of gastrointestinal problems. Drake showed up on Target Priority ASAP Rocky and Rihanna, with whom he had a romantic relationship in the past On the song "fear of heights" from his album All the Dogs, which was released in October. The rappers' common past with pop sensation Rihanna serves as the foundation for this potential conflict. After ending her relationship with Drake in 2016, Rihanna started dating ASAP Rocky instead. Drake seems to have moved on from the relationship, despite the lyrics of his song "Fear Of Heights" suggesting otherwise.

Drake then cited Rocky by name on another late night, rapping, "I ain't pretty [Music]," after Rihanna asked why they made it sound like he was still up on you when he could never be, that you couldn't run me better, or even me better.

As we all know, Rocky talks about the conflict in his hair and his intention to save invoices from people who threaten him and his woman, Rihanna. Regardless of how you first encounter her, Rihanna has completely changed the game. She has left a lasting impression, and her most recent Savage Fenty release is bringing that excitement back. The pop singer turned mogul is making sure that everyone has a great time on Valentine's Day. In addition to having a ton of gorgeous pink accents, Savage Fen's Valentine's Day collection is wonderful since there are so many alternatives.

Rap lyrics are frequently open to interpretation, but fans' links between the lyrics and the artists' complicated pasts give credence to the conjecture. It's crucial to remember, though, that none of the parties have acknowledged a dispute or conflict.

Opinions among X (previously Twitter) users regarding the song's significance have been mixed.

It has been noted by some that A$AP says "mandrake" rather than "man Drake." It appears that the statement was intended to be a reference.

A$AP should have gone even farther, according to one fan, who wrote, "That mandrake bar by Rocky was trash considering how crazy Drake went at Rihanna."

It wouldn't be the first time Drake made a reference to his well-known ex.

In the meanwhile, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Lil Yachty, DJ Drama, and the late XXXTENTACION all make appearances on Kid Cudi's INSANO album.

Previously, Cudi and Rocky worked together on the songs "Brothers" (2013) and "A$AP Forever (Remix)" (2018).

Even still, it's difficult to read these bars and not feel that something significant happened in the previous few years. Even if they don't find the strongest proof possible, fans will probably keep making these comparisons. Guys, I see peace at the storm in a decade time because things just got started! What a way to promote your music but hey! what is music without some interesting games in there. What do you think of what appeared to be ASAP, Rocky? In light of this, be sure to visit this channel frequently for the most recent information on ASAP Rocky and Drake.

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