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7 Day Theory Update

Tupac could still be alive

By Clara CookPublished 7 years ago 2 min read

For most of us, the 7-day theory isn't a new term. It's been around since Tupac's murder in 1996. Yet, a brief introduction for those who might not know. The 7-day theory is a set of clues some fans believe that Tupac left behind as clues and hints that he faked his death and will one day return. Aside from the 7-day theory, there are things surrounding his death that has always been questionable.

Tupac stated many times he wanted to be buried, and yet he was cremated within 24 hours of his death, during an open murder investigation. Staff members at the hospital directly involved were rumored to have been paid off and a few cases confirm of retirement shortly after Tupac's death.

His life insurance has yet to be cashed in, and faking your own death isn't exactly illegal unless someone cashes in life insurance.

Yet, the 7-day Theory, is the most bizarre and recently more have been spotted.

Illuminati Connection and Numerology

Only some people realize that after his stay in prison, Pac strongly believed in the Illuminati, and that's where the entirely "Killuminati"came from.

It is said that the Illuminati believe in the craft of Numerology. A hidden code in numbers that can predict your destiny, and help you make everyday choices.

For anyone who's ever looked into Numerology, it's always eerily accurate.The 7-day theory is a set of Numerology, that actually goes back to Tupac's beginning.

Numerology is calculated, by adding numbers together until you get single digit number, if it's words that are in need translation, the numeral value equals its position in the alphabet. Ex. A=1 and Z=26

In the case of the 7-day theory, it's connected to dates, numbers of days, years and age. As I said, this goes back to the beginning of Pac. Tupac was born on the 16th day, (1+6=7)

Shooting and Death

In September 1996, Tupac was shot on the 7th day. He lived for 7 days, passing away on the 7th day.

His time of death was 4:03 (4+0+3=7)He was 25 years old. (2+5=7)

Makaveli and 7 Day Theory Album

Tupac adapted the name Makaveli after, Machiavelli, a 16th-century philosopher who strongly believed in staging one's death to escape enemies, and come out powerful.

The album, released after Tupac's death, came out on November 5th(1+1+5=7)

There is way more evidence to support this which can be researched online. Recently, after watching the biopic, a thought occurred to me. The movie was released on Pac's birthday, the 16th, which equals 7.Pac was 25 years old when he died, which equals 7. Birth is the reverse of death, so what's the reverse of 25?52. Pac's 52nd birthday is 7 years to the day, the biopic was released.

It could all be coincidence, but it's really hard to say.

Especially after this song snippet surfaced a few years back, no one I have spoken to can even place where it came from, but its content is bone chilling.

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