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5 Songs #1

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By Z-ManPublished about a year ago 5 min read


I would prefer you hear these on your own first, by way of their respective albums. But if you would like to just listen to the track itself, that is your choice, and that is fine. Either way, I believe these are very powerful tracks, and further proof of how truly meritless the charts and commercialism are.

NOTE: I have only heard "Situations" and "Only The Lonely" as songs, not the albums yet. But I will make a point to, I promise you. And me.

The forthcoming list is as follows:

1) Icehouse, “The Heartbreak Kid” from Man Of Colours

2) Information Society, “Tomorrow” from Information Society

3) The Motels, “Only The Lonely” from All Four One

4) Corey Hart, “Waiting For You” from Boy In The Box

5) Cetu Javu, “Situations” from Southern Lands

Now, without further ado…

“The Heartbreak Kid”

The wordplay in this song really caught my attention; the double-entendres of interposed metaphor and literal play. Of course, I saw the truths and pains in [their] words, be it the intention or my own mind taking its lead. I saw myself in the loss that was hinted; that my own words and tones and the like cost me forever. I am so happy for what I have that I forgive the losses for having been done. But my heart aches at a certain level forever for what could have been, and never will. Whether it was by inaction, or another’s. Because there is no doubt: there were mutual attractions in those shadows.


One of those tracks you hear when you listen to the album for the first time. What’s on your mind, you may ask? Well: sometimes it’s what comes next that hits you with an unforeseen…something. I feel like I’m cheating a bit here; I cannot recall if this track hit me as deeply as “Heartbreak”. But it was still strong in its own right. From the opening moments to the prize sequence, I fell in love with this song and blasting it from my car immediately. And then…when the 2:45 to 3:03 or so segment hit and when an eventual 10th-15th repeat listening or so of the song came, I imagined it could be a song about a ghost or coma patient coming back to life for somebody they loved so much, and that the instrumentation then was describing that, and song-wide would match up.

“Only The Lonely”

When I heard this one of my recent ventures, I saw a cloud formation that looked like a loved one, and I saw the loss of all of our lives in time. Our bonds will remain in the wisps of cloud and lines—our love a fire unseen for endless ages to follow—but in this world, it is the heart that is left alone to burn and sear by acid tears. It is one of many instances where imagery and sound and ideas have collided and synthesized with me, and my soul has taken its own shuddering breaths. It is one of those songs so blatant for the heart, and perhaps no story is necessary because of it.

“Waiting For You”

This one is a relatively recent discovery for me, having listened to his first three albums a few months back. One of his hits is on here, but no doubt this is further proof of the false perceptions of the charts and their merits. It touched me with its words and ideas, and brought me to tears with its worth and my own self-drawn ties. Sometimes, the chorus seems to pull the feelings and previous thoughts and concepts along like spaghetti on a fork; a metaphorical concept that I just came up with right now, of a concept I associated with this and/or other songs before. The best songs are probably the ones you truly experience, as if you and it are one; the ones that embrace you in their loving arms and fill your being to the full and more.

And now…for the finale:


I first heard this song in the past week or so at work; two, maybe three times consciously. The instrumentation immediately hooked my attention. It is one of those songs that, like I thought listening to it earlier, is an example of what certain songs do to my imagination in what I experience in sight. In my mind it is like a vision rising into the sky—as if the sounds of the voice and song together is a message sent to the heavens, and I am one with its vision of that rise. The sound literally seems to rise through my mind into the darkened sky. It is indescribably beautiful. The somber tones of the instrumentation, as with so many other songs, brings to mind my deep love for you (you know who you are, you all) and of all the pain my soul feels for you and your beauty and the vulnerability of your beautiful, beautiful, precious beings and souls. I love you all so much.

My Family.

My Friends.

You are each and all one in the same.

I love you.


Billy Idol, “The Dead Next Door”

A powerful track. God, Billy and Stevie knows how to make them. I read somewhere on YouTube--one of the comments on one of the videos--that somebody compared it to, and I paraphrase from guesstimation: that it's like seeing that girl that checks you out as you go by...that she is dying, or at least will die...just as you. And I think it is that terrible sadness below our lives' masks that...that it just pains my soul so. That one day we will die, and that may just be forever. Not gone forever. But no longer together. And the only solace is that we can never be apart outside of memory, because our very selves are one with God--whatever God may be. We must live and love now. Hold each other close. As Genesis put it: "Hold each other near tonight/For will it last forever?/Will it last forever?"

NEXT UP: 5 More Songs (5 Songs #2)

Simple Minds, “Colours Fly And Catherine Wheel” from New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)

Heart, “Wait For An Answer” from Bad Animals

Wall Of Voodoo, “Call Box (1-2-3)” from Dark Continent

Genesis, "Domino, Part One/Two" from Invisible Touch


\m/, <3 B']

80s music

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