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2020 Rewind Playlist

by Liana Hewitt 11 months ago in playlist

Music that made an impact

2020 Rewind Playlist
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This past year has been a roller coaster. With the many ups and downs while riding this roller coaster I would bury myself deep within my music. I find that music can be very therapeutic, helping enhance the many moods that might have been faced during this wild year.

In fact, I believe so much in the power that music has that I wrote an article about it. You can find it at

Taking a look at the Top 10 of my Spotify 2020 rewind gives an outlook on to my year. The highest highs and the lowest lows can be found outlined through song.

Into The Unknown - Idina Menzel, AURORA

From the soundtrack to Frozen 2. The first time I had heard this song was when I saw Frozen 2 in theatres (before lockdown). I'm often asked why I like this song so much. I don't have any kids so why would I be listening to music from a children's movie, or even go to a children's movie if I don't have to. I sometimes go to the movies if I want to be alone. This particular day I had a fight with my boyfriend. I chose this movie because it is one I knew he would never want to watch and I enjoy Disney movies. This song I particularly liked because I could relate to how much life felt like going into the unknown, which made this song almost become my theme song for the year. Not to mention, Idina Menzel has an amazing voice. I could listen to her sing the directions on a packet of instant noodle and be content.

Hey There Delilah - Plain White Teas

I was actually surprised that this song was so high on this list. I do love this song. I find the melody soothing and enjoy singing to it. I have also seen a version from the female perspective on YouTube which can be found at

While I do enjoy the version from Delilah's perspective, I do find some of the lyrics flawed. I don't want to spoil the song for you if you are going to listen to it. Finding the version on YouTube has made me fall in love with the original song all over again and I somehow find myself listening to it at least once a day.

Waving Through A Window - Ben Platt

From the Musical Dear Evan Hansen. Though I am an avid fan of the theatre, I have never seen Dear Evan Hansen. I adore the music that I have heard from it so far. This is another song that I can spend hours listening to on repeat just to sing along at the top of my lungs. The lyrics to this song are beautiful and sad all at the same time. It brings me back to when I was that awkward kid just trying to fit in. This is one of my go to songs if I need to blow off some steam. Crank it up and belt it out.

Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This may have been one of the first songs that I bonded with my boyfriend over. On many of our first dates we would watch music videos on YouTube. Sometimes trying to find the weirdest ones that we could and sometimes trying to find the best songs that we could. We would listen to anything and everything. I had heard this song before then but enjoyed much more with the fun werewolf video as well as his company.

A Million Dreams - Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams

From the musical The Greatest Showman. I adore everything about this movie. The acting, the story, the music. Everything. I listened to the soundtrack on repeat nonstop before and after seeing the movie. It's another one that I like to belt at the top of my lungs. This song I found particularly inspiring. I renovated an entire house with my boyfriend over the past year. That came with many ups and downs but while working I would think of this song and imagine what we could make of the house. To see a before and after of our house renovations go to

Not only did I dream of what we could make of the house, I dreamed about what I could make of myself, my relationship, the world.

Lush Life - Zara Larsson

I have come to love Zara Larsson. Her music is often fun and easy to dance to. The music video to this song is cute and fun. Everything about Zara Larsson is cute and fun. I often listen to this song to relax after a long day, it's something fun and dancey which I always enjoy listening to something like this while I'm cooking or cleaning. It makes chores pass faster and seem much more enjoyable.

Footloose - Kenny Logins

Speaking of fun and easy to dance to, Footloose is a great movie with a fun soundtrack. This song takes me back to movie days with my best friend. When we were in high school we'd get a ton of snacks and watch movies all day. Anything from sappy RomCom's to the weirdest horror movies that we could find. This song takes me back to simpler times and I often listen to it when I'm thinking of my friend.

Hey Mario - Patent Pending

This was a song suggested to me on Spotify Weekly Discover. It's fun and about one of my favourite video game series. It has a fun beat with the old school Mario sounds and sends a message to Mario that he should probably listen to. The video for this song is also fun. Seems rather low budget but looked insanely fun to film. This song is a silly and fun song to make you forget about your rough day.

Dancing Queen - ABBA

Dancing Queen is probably the first ABBA song I had heard as a child. I instantly fell in love with them. Whether it's a fun dance song or a soft ballad, I love ABBA. In fact, I saw Mamma Mia (the play) 8 times. Dancing Queen may be my favourite of theirs and if nothing else the play or movie has taught us it's that dancing around to Dancing Queen can make even the worst days feel better.

Let It G0 - Idina Menzel

From the soundtrack to Frozen. I like that this list starts and ends with Idina Menzel. As I said before Idina has a beautiful voice. The lyrics to this song are as powerful as her voice. This is definitely one I have on repeat to belt out during a bad day. In fact, I remember once being on a road trip and becoming tired so I cranked this song up and put it on repeat, sang it at the top of my lungs until I lost my voice. But I safely made it to my destination.


Liana Hewitt

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Liana Hewitt
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