Taryn Alexa

  • Taryn Alexa
    Published 4 months ago
    The BEST Gluten-Free  Zucchini Bread

    The BEST Gluten-Free Zucchini Bread

    Who isn't baking while being stuck in quarantine! I know I've been in the kitchen almost everyday and at this point have probably gained 15 pounds! I am trying to be healthier but it isn't always easy. With hours of free time comes hours of baking. But I do have to admit my baking began way before corona virus struck out. I am currently in University and live from home as a commuter student. Living at home is great but limits me from socializing the way most university students do. I ended up spending much of my free time baking (and doing homwork lol). I grew a passion for baking and found the art therepuetic and an amazing distraction from the daily stresses life brings. I am currently in the process of writing my own gluten free cook book and have been trying to find new ideas for it each day. I myself am not gluten free but my mom follows the strict diet and the rule in our house is if I want to bake it must be gluten free! I can confidently say that baking gluten free tastes no different than regular deserts if the right flour is used. So don't fear I will be listing my favorite flour and other gluten free ingredients below. Being gluten free shouldn't cut you off from eating desert and many don't realize how simple it is to replace ingredients to fit these restrictions.