Randi Abel

Poet and storyteller currently based out of Denver, Colorado. 

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6 days ago
"Fucking libtard snowflakes." "Fucking entitled Millennials." "Pathetic, butthurt, overly offended and overly sensitive weaklings fucking 'triggered' by everything." *** Starbucks cups. Not eating Chi...
The Truth About the Fall
18 days ago
The Truth About The Fall: A Sestina There’s something about October and the leaves in Boston that I can’t describe. Blanketing the green grasses of the Public Garden, falling in operatic syncopation, ...
San Francisco, July 2010
18 days ago
San Francisco, July 2010 I am living on ten dollars a day: a cup of coffee, two bus rides, and a taco. I am really living in a house with no rooms and the sweet smell of piss on the corner where the b...
Mourner's Kaddish
19 days ago
Mourner’s Kaddish Yit’barakh, v’yish’tabach v’yit’pa’ar v’yit’romam v’yit’nasei* You came to me in dreams when neither one of us was lucid Walking, happy, you held my hand as we drove into the sunset ...
Baby, I’m Blue
19 days ago
Baby, I’m Blue Jack came home at 4 AM Stumbled in from a New York night With breath full of beer Searching for that empty pack of Reds He’d left at the bar Next to a ½ empty glass of yesterdays Lily w...
The Beauty Of
19 days ago
The Beauty Of (Or, My Love Letter to Coming of Age in a New England Summer) Written by Randi C. Abel June 15, 2019 Denver, Colorado All Rights Reserved All art is imitation Upon imitation Upon imitati...