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Going Going... Back Back... To... SD?
2 years ago
They say that hindsight is 20/20, and it turns out that “they” were right. The “Super Chargers” moved from San Diego to Los Angeles this year to what was supposedly the land of opportunity in an NFL m...
Here's Our Ish Mr. Commish: What We Really Need from Roger Goodell
2 years ago
“Judge, jury, and executioner” is a popular phrase, but what does it mean? For most it means that the person responsible for determining guilt or innocence is more than likely or will more than likely...
#TakeAKnee... The World of Sports Strikes Back
2 years ago
As we are probably all aware by now, last Friday President Donald Trump gave a speech in the state of Alabama. From “little rocket man,” to the president chastising the media for accusations of “hounding the first lady over her shoes,” this speech included many tidbits and factoids, the majority of which we already heard throughout his animated run to the presidency. The unheard notions spewed weren’t that unfamiliar either as he touted his victories throughout the election, and other scenarios ...
When Enough Is Enough: Why We Are Still Paying Too Much Attention to the Ball Family
2 years ago
About a year ago this time, the world was right. We had yet to be fully taken aback by the mercurial charm of one LaVar Ball and his three basketball wielding sons. We had yet to be tarnished by the b...
Warren Sapp Said What About Myles Garret?
2 years ago
NFL HOF’er Warren Sapp has been all over the headlines on this football-less Sunday, but the story actually has little to do with him. As you may have heard by now, he said that he doesn’t think that ...
Chucking Russ’ & Why You Really Can’t Blame Em’
2 years ago
The Oklahoma City Thunder squeaked one out in Game 3, after allowing the Rockets to close the gap on a large lead they had for much of the game. There was something interesting about Game 3 though, an...