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The Player That Reminds Me the Most of Michael Jordan
2 years ago
Michael Jordan is the greatest player to ever touch a basketball and that is something that can not be debated. However, there have been several things debated ever since “His Airness” hung up the sne...
The Warriors Are Good — This Time, They Can Win It All
2 years ago
Golden State came into this season with large expectations on their shoulders. In a stunningly “Steph”-ortless (shoutout to “Inside” on TNT) manner, the Warriors have paced the league with a 38–6 reco...
Marshawn Lynch: “You Know Why I’m Here” — to Play for the Oakland Raiders?
2 years ago
Several years ago, around 2010, and in a playoff game versus the New Orleans Saints, the world shook and the LEGEND OF BEASTMODE was forever engraved in our minds. Not that “Beastmode” — Marshawn Lync...
Joe Mixon: To Draft, Or Not To Draft, That Is The Question
2 years ago
With the NFL draft right around the corner, there has to be one specific question on the minds of many people including NFL Executives and Coaches, Draft Pundits, the people of Norman, Oklahoma, and o...
The Layers of Taking Deshaun Watson
2 years ago
With the 12th overall pick in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday night, the Houston Texans traded up to get themselves a quarterback. While many had them taking the best available quarterbac...
How Zeke and the Dallas Cowboys Rejuvenated the Running Back
2 years ago
The 2017 NFL Draft has come and gone. As the hot takes, analysis, opinions, trends, and everything else come in, the NFL football fan should have plenty to tide them over for about a month. As many lo...