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Airplane Mode! Why Derrick Jones Jr and the Miami Heat Are an Awesome Fit
6 months ago
Derrick Jones Jr is a highlight waiting to happen, and has been for the Miami Heat during every minute he has been on the floor this season. On the fast break he is terrifying, finishing in traffic of...
The Man... The Myth... The Legend: What Makes Saquon Barkley So Great
2 years ago
Heading into this weekend's game against the Penn State Nittany Lions, the Ohio State Buckeyes probably have one thing on their minds more than any other, and that’s stopping Saquon Barkley. Although ...
Are The L.A. Chargers A New Team?
2 years ago
Over the past week, the Los Angeles Chargers have not looked like the same team that was taking the field the first few weeks of the season. Outside of just the fact that they have managed to string t...
Nike Gets a Big Fat 10 for This Troll Job
2 years ago
What is a troll? No, not the short, pimple-faced imaginary creature that lives under a bridge. Wrong again, not the highlighter hair-colored, plastic figurines that were all the rage in the 90s. When ...
Best Fill-In QB for Aaron Rodgers
2 years ago
The world shook yesterday using Minnesota as its axis, but as we all know, there aren’t many earthquakes in the midwest. Some would say it was the earth-shattering hit put onto Aaron Rodgers by Minnes...
'Balllllllinnnnn' — This is Why The Chiefs Should be Super Bowl Favorites
2 years ago
Although only five weeks in, the NFL is starting to take shape. Aside from the black cloud that is “the national anthem controversy,” there have been plenty of other storylines for the NFL fan to sali...