Elizabeth Rysdorp

  • Elizabeth Rysdorp
    Published 14 days ago
    Being a woman in a world of men

    Being a woman in a world of men

    Being in a world that is still more for men is hard to deal with. I never thought I would feel this way in the year 2020 but here we are, it's very difficult to think that in 2020 we would still be fighting to be recognized as equals. I work in the IT field and am working on getting a degree, but I am still not recognized as someone that knows how to repair software and hardware best way to prove this is to tell the story of how 2 guys got hired over me for a position that I am more qualified for because people liked them more. Even though people didn’t like them more my old manager just happened to still work at my old store and decided they still had hurt feelings and make it harder for me to find a job. This is kind of a lesson about watching what you say about people they don’t know. The only reason I can speak on any of the people that I work with is because I have sat there and listened to everything that comes out of their mouths about themselves and about other people