Eleni Peitho

Eleni Peitho is a pseudonym. Exploring my wild side & pushing my boundaries... ❤️ Bratty sub / Consent / Cuddles / Ethical kink / Feminism / Nonmonogamy / Respect / Sapiosexual / Sex Ed / Veganism 👠 IG: kink.and.cuddles

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What Art Can Teach Us About Love
8 months ago
A few weeks ago I went on a first date to the Tate Modern where I, unexpectedly, ended up seeing the Picasso: Love, Fame, and Tragedy exhibition. I will admit to having very few preconceptions: I like...
Congruence: To Do or Not to Do?
8 months ago
I have been struggling with writing lately; I have been finding it difficult to find the words to describe what I have been doing and feeling. And this weekend I realised why. I made a pact with mysel...
8 months ago
Last weekend I was in Amsterdam. It’s such a great city; I love it. I love the canals, the shops, the bikes. I love that weed is legal. And I love that I got to eat some incredible plant-based junk fo...
Exploring the Worlds of Non-Monogamy and Kink
8 months ago
A few months ago, I decided to embark on a new journey. A journey into the worlds of consensual non-monogamy and kink. I am in my 30s and I’ve been in long-term relationships most of my life but monog...