Dylan Balde

Secretly Dead and Strange, writes for a living. Moonlights as a cat-obsessed dork and innocuously wrapped human nitroglycerin. My life is an everyday Westchester incident. 💀 @dylanbalde

Anticlimax: A Reunion that Could’ve Been
4 months ago
The other night, I had this oddly photorealistic dream about Ginny and her friends. It was all sorts of terrifying and fascinating, mainly because it felt very real; I actually ended up sleeping in th...
First Blood: The Type Of Separation Anxiety No One Needs (Or Deserves)
a year ago
The sight out my bedroom that morning looked spectacular. The sun was just beginning to rise and the sky was a soft orange hue, flecked here and there with yellow and blue paint streaks, like pastel c...
a year ago
“Seph!” Ross rang her doorbell repeatedly in a furious rage. “Open the door, Seph!” When there was no answer, Ross resorted to banging on the door. He couldn’t wait. He’d been waiting and trying and f...
Is Goku Being Set up to One Day Become a God of Destruction Based on Recent ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Chapters?
a year ago
Ever since Goku achieved god form in the first arc of Dragon Ball Super, his power has increased exponentially; however, it was never clear how much of the divine he has been able to take on. Is he no...
4 Actors Who Would Have Been Perfect As Light Yagami in a North American Version of “Death Note”
a year ago
#DeathNote revolves around the tragic fate, rise and fall, of #LightYagami, a young man in his late teens who happened to chance upon a special notebook with the power to kill; with just a few words, ...
Will an Invincible Frieza Become the New Villain of ‘Dragon Ball Super’?
a year ago
We saw it happen before: a cruel, bloodthirsty tyrant with a twisted understanding of right and wrong gets ahold of the Super Dragon Balls and wishes himself immortal. The other version of him switche...