Doni York

Hi, my name is Doni and I've always been in love with storytelling in any medium. Right now I have a few articles geared toward pop culture, but I'm also interested in writing more on lifestyle, relationships, and travel. 

Guide to the Wilderness
7 days ago
If you're anything like me, then toughing it out in the wilderness is new, uncharted territory for you. While I love being out in nature to hike for a day and enjoying the view, I'm not afraid to admi...
Why It's Smarter to Adapt Books into TV over Film
a year ago
We've all been there: We hear about our favorite book debuting on the big screen and we feel a mix of excitement and skepticism. After watching the trailers, reading cast interviews and seeing the pos...
Wonder Women
a year ago
Picture this: A woman. She's tall. Aloof. Cold. She's considered "one of the boys" because she can hit hard and is also the only girl present. Her makeup is perfectly done and her hair falls in curls,...