Arieru Asakura

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  • Arieru Asakura
    Published about a year ago
    There Is a Voice Crying Out Within You

    There Is a Voice Crying Out Within You

    Take a moment to think slowly about yourself while reading. There is a voice crying out within us. We have ignored this voice countless times without realizing the most important thing that we have that's not physical. We are one of the most amazing creations that exist in the universe, but many people no longer think of themselves as great creations. All of us are born into this world with an integrated potential. Life can be so hard at times that it will make us think that you weren't born with the talents necessary to be successful, but the fact that you are alive, and can read this right now confirms the opposite. You came into this world with something special integrated in you that needs to come out. This is something internal. The only way someone wouldn't have any special attributes is when that person is no longer alive.