There Is a Voice Crying Out Within You

Don't Ignore it anymore.

There Is a Voice Crying Out Within You

Take a moment to think slowly about yourself while reading. There is a voice crying out within us. We have ignored this voice countless times without realizing the most important thing that we have that's not physical. We are one of the most amazing creations that exist in the universe, but many people no longer think of themselves as great creations. All of us are born into this world with an integrated potential. Life can be so hard at times that it will make us think that you weren't born with the talents necessary to be successful, but the fact that you are alive, and can read this right now confirms the opposite. You came into this world with something special integrated in you that needs to come out. This is something internal. The only way someone wouldn't have any special attributes is when that person is no longer alive.


Everyone, and everything has something to give. Starting from the most insignificant thing you can think of. Very often we compare ourselves with the great influencers of fields that we are passionate about, and believe that we can't accomplish great things, because the ones who have made it seem smarter, and more talented than us. Even if your experience and background has been full of mistakes and negative experiences, don't accept the idea that you have nothing to contribute. A great mentor once told me "Don't underestimate anyone. In our generation people judge others by their looks, and mistakes they've committed." No matter how insignificant something seems to be, greatness can come out of the small things. Our generation can be impacted by that person that doesn't seem very important or talented yet.


Computers come with an incredible capacity for assimilation, the ability to solve problems, and to produce answers. If the computer is not programmed it will not do any work. All that potential is internal, and it can be developed by programming and activating the computer. Then when we start demanding help and answers, the computer will start resolving problems, because it's capable of doing so. We have abilities, we have creativity, and we have a powerful energy inside of us. Even if you don't believe that you have great potential, it is there waiting to be awakened. This potential is an inner voice crying out within us, but we have chosen to ignore it.


Some people learn about their hidden potential through someone wise who was willing to open their eyes to this truth, but that's not everyone's case. In many cases, lots of people just don't have someone in their lives who completely understands the existence of hidden potential that everyone has. So, what helps us believe in our potential? A time, a discomfort. When a time of this discomfort comes into our lives, it pushes us to stop the laziness and ignorance towards our potential, because now we have to go outside of our comfort zone in order to come up with the solutions that can help us change the times of discomfort that we are living in. That's when our sleeping potential is a force to wake up. The moment chaos and discomfort visits a life, a person that has always been afraid of difficulties could transform into a lion whose ready to fight the threat.


Discomfort can transform you into a better version of yourself, but that will only happen if you don't give up when problems and times of discomfort visit your life. Not allowing bad influences to invade our minds is part of the price we must pay to achieve greatness. Even if the bad influences come from people that we trust and care for, we can't stop believing in our vision, and our potential to make great things happen.


Potential is something that we carry internally that hasn't been revealed. It is what I can accomplish that I haven't accomplished yet, what I can win that I haven't won yet. An internal power that's waiting to be manifested. There are times in life, in which you may feel like you are nothing compared to the successful people around you. Think about this, we are just like a fruit, not exactly as perfect as we want to be on the outside, but the value of a fruit is not what you can see on the outside. The true value of a fruit is in its internal potential. If I slice a fruit in two pieces, we are going to see a lot of seeds that have the capacity of a tree. Just like a fruit, our true potential is inside of us.


In life everyone is destined to face trials and challenges. If you keep running away from difficulties, and aren't willing to change your mind, you will never achieve anything truly valuable that can truly change your life. Great achievements that you haven't accomplished can become a reality before this year is over, but that depends on your actions starting now, after you are done reading.


Don't feel like what you believe is possible for you to accomplish is a fantasy just because the people around you don't want to believe it with you. As long as you are willing to believe in yourself, you should never hide your potential. Your potential wants to reach and help others. Try not to think too much about the people that don't believe you can accomplish the vision that's in your mind. Just ignore them until you make your vision a reality. They will be tremendously affected by your potential when the time arrives, and will be the ones to share your story.


There are people who have big ideas and goals, but they don't want to work hard for it. What they want is success, and wealth without making any sacrifice. They don't even want to make a karate move to achieve their goals. Make sure to not have this mentality. There is not a simple, easy way to be great in any field. If you humbly understand that you would prefer an easy way to achieve something great you desire, I hope that after reading everything I'm sharing here your mentality will change in a positive way.


You want to compose songs, and never have time write. Some of you feel the potential, and have all the ideas to write books that can impact our generation, but never execute them. When we don't execute an idea we believe we can accomplish, we are stopping a generation that is going to receive the benefits of those poems, songs, books, or any creation that your potential will help you achieve. Maybe the business that's in your mind is the business that's going to help many people, but you are always in the same place with the same attitude. "Maybe next month, maybe next year, maybe in two weeks." So we are always postponing our project. We must to take responsibility for the ideas, and the projects we were born to accomplish. This will require time and hard work.


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