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If You're in the Real Estate Business, You Need to Learn About Blockchain
5 months ago
Disrupting this, disrupting that—tech bloggers, industry pundits, market forecasters, and anyone with dollar signs scrolling across their corneas absolutely loved to apply the word “disrupting” to any...
The Old-School Tech that Could Enable Fiber Optic Broadband Expansion
5 months ago
All around the world, private industry and government agencies are racing to expand the availability of high-speed internet access to as many communities as possible. They're doing it because they've ...
AI Traders Handling Crypto Markets Aim to Blur Professional Lines
6 months ago
Adding machine learning assistance to existing markets isn't a new concept, but no one has gone quite as far as teaching a machine to play the financial market with limited human interaction. Now that...
Outdated Frameworks and Legacy Code Hampers Future Technology
7 months ago
There's a long-standing tradition in the IT realm that revolves around leaving the legacy code alone unless it fails spectacularly. Plenty of factors can be attributed to why so many important network...
Nintendo's 4K Plans (Or Lack Thereof) vs. User Friendliness
a year ago
Nintendo probably isn't the company that springs to mind when you think of cutting-edge technologies. If anything, they might be the exact opposite, holding on to old technologies and refining what ha...
Strategic Advantages for Corporate Leadership in Focusing on Sustainability
2 years ago
Consistently, the demand for sustainability-oriented thinking is becoming pervasive in every sector of social, political, and business affairs. If one thing was to be understood about the voices of th...