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Five Major Conventions to Scratch Your Cosplay Itch
21 days ago
These days, it's difficult to find anyone that isn't into cosplay, in one way or another. That's just because it's good, inventive, escapist fun and literally anyone can do it (if they're willing to b...
5 Local Co-Op Games No Old-School Gamer Should Miss
a month ago
If you've been around long enough, and you're a geek, you can probably recall a time when cooperative gaming meant gathering with friends and a handful of game cartridges (or floppy disks, if you're w...
Four Groundbreaking Devices That Started Today's Tech Revolution
2 months ago
These days, the average person is walking around with a smartphone in their pocket that makes a room-sized mainframe of 30 years ago seem like little more than a calculator. That speaks to the insanel...
If You're in the Real Estate Business, You Need to Learn About Blockchain
8 months ago
Disrupting this, disrupting that—tech bloggers, industry pundits, market forecasters, and anyone with dollar signs scrolling across their corneas absolutely loved to apply the word “disrupting” to any...
The Old-School Tech that Could Enable Fiber Optic Broadband Expansion
8 months ago
All around the world, private industry and government agencies are racing to expand the availability of high-speed internet access to as many communities as possible. They're doing it because they've ...
AI Traders Handling Crypto Markets Aim to Blur Professional Lines
10 months ago
Adding machine learning assistance to existing markets isn't a new concept, but no one has gone quite as far as teaching a machine to play the financial market with limited human interaction. Now that...