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Top 05 Best Alternatives of

Free alternatives to mid-journey by which you can also earn passive income

By somPublished about a year ago 4 min read
Top 05 Best Alternatives of
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The Top 05 Best Alternatives of

“Nothing is permanent except change.” These wise words were expressed by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus around 500 BC. This is very evident in today’s world. Specially if you peep in the world of (or should we say Universe!) Artificial Intelligence. Since, the launch of ChatGPT by on 30 Nov 2022, this type of technology is evolving itself drastically in every day. Literally, everyday there is a news of launching of new AI by various companies and also in various field, may be it art, technology, creative work, writing, blogging, video making and the fields are perhaps never ending.

However, today we will only discuss on digital image generator engines. Once it was believed that the artists are irreplaceable, they are born with their talent, but today we should reconsider the statement. ( has created a new era. By simply giving some prompts (i.e., nothing but precise command) even a layman can draw (or create!) an awesome painting, drawing etc. This platform may be considered the king its field. But there is a drawback of this platform that you need to pay for using mid-journey. It's not that expensive but we understand that many of you are not willing to spend any money to start a business with mid-journey.

So here we discuss about top five free alternatives to mid-journey by which you can also earn money. We will also discuss what are the pros and cons for each site. The last one is mind-blowing.

It is no doubt that it is very easy to create passive income with mid-journey and also the quality is also beyond doubt, but recently mid-journey has removed the free trial, so for those who really don't have any funds to start here are free alternatives that are as good as mid-journey and also really easy to use to make money.

1. STARRYAI.COM in Starry III, you will start with five free credits and you can collect an additional five free credits per day. You can use these credits to generate the art. It's very simple to use and have prompt Builder that will help you easily creating an image as you desired. You can even use reference image to start generating image so yeah the feature is quite robust.

PROS : 1. Easy to use

2. Beginner friendly

3. Web Access (You not need to access discord)

4. Free additional credits per day

CONS : 1. Free version limited to portrait resolution

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You can choose either to use stable diffusion, chroma or Dall-E models. The user interface might look a little bit daunting for a beginner and needs a little bit of a learning curve to get used to, but once you get used to it is really easy to handle. You can use prompt templates to create art instantly as you desired. There's are a lot of templates to choose from. You can also customize your own style easily. This AI tool will give you free 20 images per day and best thing is that even with a free account you own the commercial rights.

PROS : 1. Lot of templates and style to choose

2. Free 20 images / day

3. Commercial right even in free account.

CONS : 1. User interface may be seems advanced for a novice.

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3. DREAMLIKE.ART - this one use stable diffusion models and dreamlike models. New users start with 50 credits and can claim 24 credits each day up to 50 total credits. The user interface at first might look daunting but actually pretty simple and straightforward. There' are a lot of models to choose from, so you can choose based on what you want to create to achieve the best art possible. In even though you are a free user, you can access many tools to improve your image. You can use the initial image, combined images, edit images that have already been generated many resolutions to choose from and even upscale the image by four times.

PROS : 1. Easy to use

2. Many based models to choose from

3. Many features available, even to free users

CONS : I think there is nothing significant to mention.

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With playground AI you can generate up to 1,000 images per day for free. It includes free editing tools to upscale remove background or in painting, it also has many presets to help you generate many different images.

PROS : 1. Easy to use

2. Many based models to choose from

3. Many features available, even to free users

CONS : I think there is nothing significant to mention.

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At, to put it similarly this is the ultimate alternative to mid-journey. Basically, it is mid-journey but free. It is using Discord. Like mid-journey the command to generate the art is also the same. The art itself really close call with mid-journey, but the most important thing, it is free, so basically what you can do in mid-journey you can also do it here but free. No limited image generation, all the commands available and of course the commercial right. The only downside is - it using Discord.

PROS : 1. Very close similar to mid-journey

2. No limitation for image creation

3. Commercial right even to the free members

4. In a word, it is mid-journey but free

CONS : I think there is nothing significant to mention.

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It is well known that for some people it is kind of hard to use Discord, that is a free alternative to mid-journey that you can use to earn money easily.

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