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The circle of life

The emotion surrounding the circle of life and death in the garden

By Christopher BlessingPublished 12 months ago 3 min read
The circle of life
Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

In the heart of a small suburban neighborhood, nestled between neatly manicured lawns and white picket fences, there existed a garden. It was a sanctuary of life, a place where the circle of existence unfolded with each passing season. Within its boundaries, emotions intertwined as the garden taught its caretaker the profound lessons of life, death, and the delicate balance between them.

Emily, a middle-aged woman with a gentle spirit and a love for nature, tended to the garden with unwavering dedication. Each morning, she would wake before the sun, donning her well-worn gardening gloves and grabbing her trusty trowel. The scent of freshly turned earth filled the air as Emily prepared the soil for the new life she would soon cultivate.With meticulous care, Emily planted seeds—tiny promises of growth and vitality. She watched as fragile shoots emerged from the darkness of the soil, stretching toward the warmth of the sun. Her heart swelled with joy and wonder as the garden transformed into a tapestry of colors and textures, a testament to the beauty and resilience of life.

But amidst the joy of new growth, Emily also experienced the heartache of loss. She witnessed the withering of delicate flowers under scorching summer heat and the devastation brought by hungry pests. Each time she mourned the passing of a beloved plant, a piece of her heart went with it. The garden became a mirror of her own mortality, a reminder that even in the face of beauty and vitality, death was an inevitable part of life's cycle.As autumn arrived, the garden underwent its own transformation. Leaves turned shades of gold, orange, and crimson, gently cascading to the ground. Emily carefully collected fallen leaves, their vibrant hues reminding her of the impermanence of nature's splendor. She embraced the bittersweet acceptance that came with the changing seasons, knowing that the garden's beauty would soon be replaced by a tranquil sleep—a temporary farewell until the cycle began anew.Winter arrived, casting a blanket of frost over the slumbering garden. Emily's footsteps crunched through the snow as she wandered through the silent landscape. The absence of vibrant colors did not dampen her spirit. Instead, she found solace in the quietude, knowing that beneath the frozen earth, life still pulsed, waiting for its moment to bloom again.

And bloom it did. With the arrival of spring, the garden awakened from its winter slumber. Tender buds burst forth, their vibrant hues painting the landscape with hope and renewal. Emily's heart leaped at the sight of new life, embracing the joy that came with the cycle's continuation.As the years passed, Emily's relationship with the garden deepened. She learned to cherish each moment, recognizing that the fleeting beauty of a flower was a gift to be treasured. She understood that the circle of life encompassed not just birth and death, but also the connections forged between plants, insects, and the very soil that nurtured them.

The garden became a haven of reflection for Emily, a place where she could grapple with her own mortality and find peace in the knowledge that her existence, like the garden's, was part of something much larger. It reminded her that the mark she left on the world would be measured not by the duration of her life, but by the love and care she bestowed upon those around her.As Emily grew older, she imparted her wisdom to younger generations, teaching them the art of tending to the garden and sharing the profound lessons it held. She showed them the joy of planting and nurturing new life, the heartache of loss, and the bittersweet acceptance of the impermanence of nature.

And when the time came for Emily to join the cycle of life she had so closely observed, she did so with grace and gratitude. As her spirit soared into the eternal embrace of the universe, her legacy lived on in the garden—a testament to the profound emotions that unfold within the circle of life, reminding us all of the beauty and impermanence that intertwine in the tapestry of existence.


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