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My sister or my boyfriend?

Who to choose between my sister and my boyfriend !

By MON YEN Published 3 months ago 3 min read

I am Honorine, 25 years old, and the second and last child of my family. Gertrude, my elder sister and the firstborn of my family is 27. We grew up like twins as we started schooling together from nursery one to college. We share almost everything from clothes, food, and even the same bed at home sometimes. The only thing we do not have in common is social life. She likes outings of all sorts whereas I am more comfortable indoors. Last year not only did she have two breakups, but she felt very comfortable with them. Early this year, I met Johson 31-year-old man, respectful, and hardworking. From the first weeks, he was so curious to know more about my family. As usual, I did not hesitate to take him around my loved ones. He was so excited to meet my lovely sister. We got along quite compassionately together until he discovered that my sister is a lover of outside life. When he found out that he had just broken up twice in less than a year, he began to limit interaction with her. I noticed that earlier last month when my sister called my attention to the fact that once she comes in wherever we may be, my man will quickly find his way out. I carefully took time to investigate and it was so true. Last Monday, I asked him why after my investigation and he said" Actually you would have noticed long ago that your sister and I are two extreme. She is so messy with her life, sending out negative impressions about your family and nowadays women's vulnerability, and I am really afraid that she may hurt your life" It's been going on for 05 months already and I wasn't aware. I feel good with him, he's a good listener, caring, and ambitious. Not only i can not be hypocritical to encourage my sister's way of living, but my mother is aware of it and is against such. My mother has warmed her severely over the phone as we are not in the same city as our parents. Lately, she has been going the extra mile to ignore our parent's calls and text messages. I live with her in the same apartment. My man is not down for this. He suggested that I should relocate to his house. My parents are ok with the idea as long as I come with him for an official introduction to the family, nevertheless, my sister told me that she will be lonely if I leave suddenly to my man. I am a little confused because she has a lot of acquaintances but no friends. All the time in the middle of drunkenness, I am always her firefighter. I am concerned about her becoming if I leave. She seems to care less about her life. What if I leave and she gets shot, raped, abused, knocked down by a car etc? Should I sacrifice my own life for her stubbornness? One of my friends advised me to ask my parents to come for her, but my parents are old and do not have enough strength anymore for that. My boyfriend told me not to worry much about her as she will come back to her senses after some challenges. Is it because my boyfriend wants me by his side or he is right? As this common says "experience is a great teacher"? I have thought of inviting her to my man's home hoping to let her go through his strictness and hopefully could adjust. But what if my boyfriend doesn't agree even if I successfully convince her? My man has given me up to a week to decide. She is the only sister I have. What would you do in such a dilemma?

warm regards

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