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His son is mine

Confused as never before

By MON YEN Published 3 months ago 3 min read
His son is mine

I have a serious problem

I am Mark, a Medical doctor student in Tokyo- Japan. I like to hang out with my fellow foreign students from the same department. As a newcomer, I prefer to interact more with those who have been there before me. One year later, I met Mya.

Mya happens to be not only my country-mate but also my age mate. she was in her final year. I began to admire her endeavour and self-discipline. I may say without any hesitation that she was happy to assist me and help me as much as she could from academic to social needs. Even though she told me primarily she had a boyfriend, I couldn't control my feelings towards her just after a short while. I am respectful, but I could not feel her strictness on emotional topics with me. That keeps me hopeful and increases my faith to get her one day. After sharing a few glasses of alcohol on New Year's Eve with her, we found ourselves the next day at my apartment in my bed. I was afraid but not sorry because she only reminded me with her face full of smiles that she was ovulating and she never thought of any contraceptive method since she became a woman.

Mya sounded very ok. She was already at the end of her training. Jack his boyfriend, and potential future husband is in the USA. What will i tell my "love"? Mya asked me while smiling. After waiting for a while without any suggestion from me, she said "i will tell him the pregnancy is his" since he would be there for my graduation in two weeks. I started to remember episodes I had been watching on "Paternity Court" that projected me to the future. What have I done to myself? The relationship with her became so cold and I decided to meet her boyfriend when he came. Jack is a very nice person, after meeting him, I felt so guilty to have done much to him. I assisted them during the graduation ceremony and I could not afford to miss the opportunity to exchange contact with him.

After graduation, Mya and Jack moved to the USA. She went silent and i was anxious and curious to know how she was doing with my baby. No news from her. I suspected that she gave birth but didn't tell me. She is not responding to my text messages. I've just found out that her husband's older brother is my neighbor. I also found out that she gave birth to a baby boy. I want to tell him that his younger brother's first son is mine since they had another child,

the child is 06 years old. Mya and I are 35 years old now.

Some of my friends think I did not want the baby and that is why she ran away with pregnancy a few weeks later.

A few weeks after her pregnancy, she left. She doesn't pick up my phone calls. She will hang up immediately if she hears my voice from an unknown telephone number I may have used to get to her. Luckily enough I met someone very close to her last year from whom I get updates, and she tells me constantly that "my photocopy is doing well".

I burst into tears whenever I think about my little angel. I am not yet married. I love my child with my whole heart. Lately, I gave him a name and a share in my company hoping to have him one day. Strangely, since that happened between Mya and me, I have no interest in dating other girls.

Any piece of advice will help.

Warm regards. Follow for more


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Storyteller, translator &interpreter ( French, English, and Chinese ) are my daily routine up to now

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  • Test3 months ago

    Well done!

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