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Crying in Versace Again🥹

When It's a Mystery it could be Dangerously Fun❗

By HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)Published 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 14 min read
Crying in Versace Again🥹
Photo by Birgith Roosipuu on Unsplash

Dawn of The Pride parade Brenda, Sat at My New Country Styled Polished Brass Colored Countertop in my Big uptown Kitchen…Drinking Milk out of a Clean Beer mug, I only used to make large Strawberry milkshakes...

By Steve Johnson on Unsplash

“Hey, are you getting dressed yet?? “Princess... oops I meant to say, Prince!” Shouted Brenda with a slight chuckle.

“I’m already Dressed” I said coming out of my Room... walking toward the Hallway Closet in a search for my Medium sized Marquise white Diamond earrings with a Emerald green centerpiece... It also includes a matching Thin White Diamond Bracelet and pinky Ring... my Grandma had Given me this Jewelry set For Christmas.

By todd kent on Unsplash

My Grandma “Rosie” is what we called a Good ole Blessing, she owned a Large House with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms that’s been passed through 3 generation’s until her...

Grandma also inhabited a sowing business for the past 30 years and yes “that’s what Really got me Started”… I took every opportunity to learn more about sowing, whenever she let me visit the company during school breaks… Grandma used the company for the community and Blankets and Quilting But “I had a Bigger Vision”.

After Breakfast at this local Diner around the corner from my place... Brenda and I headed further north We drove to “Boy’s Town Strip” for the Pride Parade... Merging with the afternoon traffic is not useful but we Drove a Slow pace. Shifting through the Almost jammed up cars Down the Avenue landed us a 30 minute drive.

We Arrived to the Cluttered and Excited Streets of “Boys Town”.

By William Fonteneau on Unsplash

I looked over and said “Brenda should we pay for parking or are you okay with walking?”

She replied “we’ll Keith if your paying majority of the money, I’m down with paying to park”.

I stared at her for 3 silent seconds and Rolled my eyes as she continued...

“Why Don’t we pull over in the 711 parking Lot across from “Spins” nightclub and remove the Doors from the Jeep so we could play Music and Checkout Everything from Here!”

“okay Brenda, now you are Thinking “I said.

We did just That!

“ Hey Keith we should Totally have an After Party at your Place”...

“ umm no we shouldn’t, I have Fresh Fabrics and fine sketches laying around my house, I had to use the front room again because I sent dresses home from the “Flash Pad” that Needs Finishing Touches...”

“ugh when are you going to get laid?” She said while turning to stare me directly in the face after cracking open a Small Bottled Heineken Beer from her Six pack she pulled from the cooler in the back of my Green Jeep...

I Reached into my tiny glove department and searched for my lighter…

Lighting my not so perfectly rolled joint I ignored her...

Continuing she said “ That Guy at the Coffee shop Really has a Thang for you! I could see that you also get a little bit shy around him..”

“No I don’t “ I protested.

“Keith it’s the Best way to get over That Loser Guy, who Stole your Jewelry set that Rosie Gave you!”

“ Whatever Brenda, he didn’t Steal my Jewelry set... I just couldn’t find it because you were Rushing me...”

“Okay BestFriend, I believe you”

“Yeah whatever Brenda, don’t surmise something that is probably not true..”

“Keith you said probably”

We both looked at each-other and Bursted into uproar’s of Laughter...

“Girl who knows maybe he has my Versace Robe...” I smirked at Brenda as she glared at me...

“Keith you just had on your Robe Earlier Remember ”

“ oh whatever don't blame me it's the happy hour right now”

We shared a silent chuckle...

By Mercedes Mehling on Unsplash

“Let’s pull the Speaker from the Back, play the New Song by Lil Wayne” Brenda shouted while she hurried walking towards a gathering crowd near the Corner...

My Phone Rang... I answered it was my Fashion Partner “Davii” we Spoke for 5mins talking over some of the New materials we just got.

Looking up to my surprise the crowd was Migrating from the corner towards the loudspeaker. music was Blasting from the Big Bluetooth speaker in the Back of my Jeep!

Brenda and Others Danced. we Passed Around Beers, Mixed Drinks and Joints. Everyone Shared from their private Supply... some of us took advantage of a competition Game of Uno in the Back seat of my Jeep... people Had there personal portable Coolers Packed with Ice And Booze!

What A Great Time we Had... our mixed LGBTQ Crowd had Expanded.

We didn’t leave until Sunset...

Driving us to my Place in Quite a Hurry, I hinted to Brenda “What’s the Hurry” she Drove my Jeep like she was in a Drag Race!

By Lesli Whitecotton on Unsplash

Heaving into my driveway She said while removing her seat belt “ you said you needed to clean up a bit”

Immediately I became Annoyed with her I Said “what did you do?”

“Oh I was Feeling Really Good and I may have told a few ppl to come over for a Bit”

“Ugh Brenda just go home!” I said over my shoulder while walking down my narrow hallway leading to the storage closet I put more thing’s away that was laying around the house.

“ why?? Why are you putting me out… “I only told a few people that it’s just going to be a small gathering.”

“ Brenda how many people did you tell?”

“Only those few people we met before leaving”

“That was A few people” I said while removing all my Fabrics from her hands as she picked them up!

“That was a whole crowd Brenda, please tell me you didn’t invite all those people to my place?”

“Only 4 people Keith”

Looking out the window I seen a car pull into my driveway... then one car turned into a block full of Cars in search of my address and also any place to park...

“ Brenda you should order party wings” I said.

my 2 Bedroom Lofty Condominium Turned into a Social club within 30mins...

The Backyard was Filled with very Vibrant People...

Brenda pulled out additional color light bulbs transforming each Room to a different color... And then Added the disco plugin light for finishing touches...

I heard shouts of laughter and also shouts of Intoxication...


I walked through the Crowd gathered in front of my kitchen and That’s when I Seen the short Girl from Earlier she was cute with a nice smile and long Black Hair. Brenda had met her while approaching the Crowd on the Corner Earlier... I just Stared as Brenda’s Face glowed with what looked like a lot of attraction … hmm I guessed to myself could Brenda be falling for this one?

The people Cleared my place 2 hours after Midnight there were 5 of us lingering around on my Balcony…

“Hey Keith let’s play Truth or Dare”

“No” I said to Brenda while Trying to stand up straight.

“ I’m literally Tipsy” I staggered back down onto my Nearly visible Dark Blue Lazy-boy patio Furniture...

By Orkhan Farmanli on Unsplash

“I’ll play”Said One Guy

“I’ll play”said another guy and also the Girl whom was Currently wrap up underneath my Best Friends arms…

By Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

“okay, fine I said let’s play for a while”

“The game started simple “ but quickly became spicy when landing on me or Brenda... we knew how to challenge each other...

“ Keith I dare you to Rub ice from his ear lobe to the lower part of his Stomach”

I Motioned for the guy Brenda had Remove his shirt her last Turn... because I knew she had done that for me...

“ How did you know I was talking about him?” She winked while watching closely...

“ oh you have to use your mouth,” she said while pouring everyone shots of Tequila straight out of the Bottle... I moved in closer to him as he laid back on my settee his Body was light Brown with tiny not noticeable freckles unless your face was hugged against his hard 8-pack like mine was currently...

In the morning I awoke to my face Clasped Against his Chest and his Strong arms wrapped around me with a gentle Grip... I flushed inside the Reality that had Sunken my thought of this being an Elusive Dream... I Leaped up from My Comfortable Pillowed prime Mattress on my Bed, and I stepped on it at a fast speed on my tiptoes toward My Bathroom attached to my Bedroom... I shut the door and turned on the water so he wouldn’t hear me...

To my alarm 2 light thumps on the door and then a voice “Are you okay?” Startled I looked into the mirror and Splashed water all over my face... The door opened and Brenda started laughing while handing me a glass of water...

Not wanting her to be loud and wake him... I pulled her inside by the arm and shut the door.

“Brenda I don’t know what happened”

“ we’ll see the real Tea is that I can tell you didn’t get laid yet. so don’t worry about if that happened!” She said as if displeased with the reality of the situation...

“How do you know?”I whispered

“Because you woke up in your Boxers. maybe you just wanted to go downtown or perhaps give him a ride downtown”.

“ you suck Brenda, whatever get out” I protested...

“Okay Keith I’m kidding, only about the getting laid part... because folks could still have Oral sex while intoxicated”.

“So basically you Had Oral sex?”

“OMG Keith, How do you know me so well?”

“ ugh, nothing like having a Slutty Bold lesbian as A Best Friend.”

“Yeah you can say that again,” she said to me while searching through my Cabinet for an Extra Toothbrush…

By Curology on Unsplash

“Brenda, there are some Extra Toothbrushes in the guest Bathroom, now go get out!”

“Okay cool also I made Coffee Keith”.

“Great,” I said while fleeing the bathroom with her and was this Handsome dude with Freckles standing in front of the door with his shirt off, Wrapped in my Sheets made of Egyptian cotton That I purchased while on a School Trip to Egypt... He said “Goodmorning”.

“Mmm hmm I knew I was a Good Matchmaker” Brenda said while looking him over and Fluttering out my room door...

“ you want to come back to Bed or Shower and Eat some Breakfast?” he said to me while Taking a long pee that seem like it would never end...

“Not sure what to say, I went with the first thing That came to mind... I made Coffee”

“Oh that’s Wassup, I’ll be out soon,” he said...

I left the room and walked into my well-maintained After-party House I picked up a few red plastic cups...walking into the kitchen...

“Hey,” I said... “I saw you last night”

“Hello, Good Morning BestFriend,” said the Light skin girl that looked like she could be mixed with some different ethnic Background other than Black African American...

“My name is Gabrielle”.

“That was the first time I met her,” I said to the Detective.

By 𝓴𝓘𝓡𝓚 𝕝𝔸𝕀 on Unsplash

“Thanks, Keith for contacting me.”

“We tried to track down the number you gave us but the phone is no longer available. I'll be in touch with you. Listen I want you to know what happened last the the year will not just Disappear. We will Uncover this Mystery.”

By Dan Farrell on Unsplash

Also, “I Wrote Down the day she verified mailing the portrait that you received the day of The Show!”

“ Okay, thanks for the great work you do Detective Conan. My grandmother is waiting outside to take me home, I'll be fine.”

By Jane Palash on Unsplash

Brenda and I acknowledged when we were younger The Things we foresaw to do Once we were Adults. She Always Snapped Great Photos while I Custom Designed The wardrobe. Going to the same College as Our goal is to make sure we Both stayed focused and worked together.

My thoughts were interrupted by the phone ringing... “Hello, This Is Keith”... Nothing but silence for 5 seconds then I heard light breaths...

“ um hello Keith, can we meet?”

We Talked for Hours and those 3 glasses of Chardonnay invited me to call it a night. Not only did Gabrielle know what took place with Brenda she had survived being held captive by the same Murderer of her Girlfriend.

Once again sleeping in my guest room Gabrielle slept all night. I couldn't find Dreamland with the information fresh on my mind. Everything she told me started unfolding further curiosity about this whole situation. What if Brenda is not Dead... That was my last thought before sunrise the phone Rang!

Detective Conan spoke roughly like Dark coffee into the phone “ where is she, make sure she stays there I'm on my way! “She's innocent” I blurted out.

He smiled as I opened the door.

“ 10 minutes ago you had just called, wow, that was fast.” I teased “ well, I was headed for Coffee when I listened to your message I started heading this way!

“No need to explain because I feel safe knowing that you'd come to my Rescue in a Hurry.” my cheeks flushed as I changed the subject.

By pariwat pannium on Unsplash

I made Coffee and we both listened as Gabrielle proceeded with the story of how the fight happened between Brenda and Marcus.

“So the night I overheard Brenda's Background was the night of the fight between her and Marcus? I interrupted.

Yes, said Gabrielle as she continued...

Detective Conan was out looking for Marcus and I have to admit that Babysitting was not on my schedule for today. I tried my best to comfort Gabrielle she felt Scared and Alone.

Marcus retained her own life in his prison. The more she tried to run and break free from the restraint, his obsession grew harder than before. Knowing that Gabrielle was at the same school has me trembled because we never saw them. Marcus dropped out before freshman year was over. His parents didn't support him and he dragged Gabrielle away from her family so they stopped paying for her college budget.

Marcus observed as Gabrielle traveled around with Brenda. It wasn't until one night after our Regular Game nights. He appeared in the parking garage, stressing that Gabrielle and himself was engaged with a child and Demanding that Gabrielle leaves with him. Since then he would appear to be everywhere they were going to be. The only thing is that it sounds like Brenda won the Fight. She has always been Tough when it came to wrestling or Boxing. Brenda played basketball against every Guy in our community when we were younger.

Gabrielle also asserted that Marcus was clever with pranks and setting people up. He pranked her by acting like Brenda and also lured Brenda in by acting like me. They Dated in High School After graduating, Marcus did time in jail for something he did to his Stepmom after his Mom's Death. Gabrielle was raised in foster care. She says Marcus was invariably a friend to her before they started dating which only lasted until he was arrested. So I guess that whatever he did to his stepmother was bad enough to end his bond with his family and friends, even Gabrielle.


1 year ago I was planning my First “Fashion Spectacle” and Brenda's “Art Show” which was ruined by this Remaining Mystery. Senior year My friend is probably still out there somewhere being held captive while I have to hope that this girl is telling the truth about everything and is the victim that she says.

That twilight in my nightmare everything Gabrielle confessed to me painted a vivid picture. Timid by the words that can be created with letters inside a Trance. I sat up on my Bed staring into the darkness of my Room. I effaced my other thoughts and feelings, Brenda must still be alive I'm certain. The first thing is more information, about Marcus and Gabrielle. I must get more information, but how?

“Marcus was obsessed with Lesbians.” That weekend Detective Conan sat in my Front Room handing me papers. while explaining More Cases and more justifications for the reasons why Brenda could still, be alive.

Gabrielle was still getting better but not soon. So I prepared myself to take an excursion starting on the far west side of Chicago Oak Park neighborhood. Then I went To Joliet although Detective Conan called me every 20 minutes in Demand for me to come back. I didn't have a superpower but I was going to do what I had to do for my Best Friend. I purchased a Taser and some brass knuckles from the Smokeshop. I had my mace tucked away in the small pocket of my joggers.

By Ian Usher on Unsplash

I pulled my jeep further down the Block and I sauntered to the address I saw on the case reports. Hiking over loads of waste and mashed dirty leaves. I shucked off a corner of the Cardboard that covered the window. Not able to see anything I moved to another window in hopes of getting a better view inside. But my keys fell before I could make it to the other window. A cat ran past and hissed at me. Startled I sprayed mace and watched the alley cat run out of the yard. I was ready to leave because the sun was going to be setting soon. The yard was Covered by a concrete wall around blocked off by trees, it was hard to see someone come in or out of the yard. I couldn't leave until I glimpsed inside this weirdly wizened abandoned place. If my friend was in here not even a Spider web was going to keep me out. It looks like someone crashed into the tree and knocked it over into the back of the house. I searched for indications. Finally, on the other side of the house, a small 2-sided window was cracked but also very grimy. I saw a few finger prints, someone had been through this window. I tried and it was unlocked. I lifted the window more and swung my head inside. I spoke to my phone in a delicate whisper “Hey, Siri turn on my torches” the light beamed across the basement floor. Scrambling my head all around. I saw nothing until I bumped my head and my keys fell. I climbed down from the high window when I landed I started seeing Footprints inside the Dust. I dusted off my phone and followed. There was another staircase around the corner down the hallway. Before proceeding, I called my Fashion Partner Davii who was babysitting Gabrielle “ hey, I said, where is Gabrielle?

“Hey, Keith, sup,” she said weakly with barely any energy.

“ Hey Gabrielle when you escaped, did you go up 2 staircases and a long hallway?

By matthew Feeney on Unsplash

Sounding surprised she said, “Yes, Keith be careful should I call Detective Conan”.

“No, I said but I was interrupted by an additional call. “Hey, I'll call you guys back”. Speaking to Gabrielle and Davii before switching to the other line.

Roughly Detective Conan spoke into my ear from the other side of the phone“Get out of there Now! Marcus got away from me and could be heading toward you. He's armed and dangerous.”

By Florian Olivo on Unsplash

“Detective I think someone is here”. I said while fanning my way through the dark corridor.



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  • Dorothy Gibbs12 months ago

    Great Read

  • Melissa Ingoldsby12 months ago

    I’d love your feedback on this☺️

  • Melissa Ingoldsby12 months ago

    An intriguing story with a lot of intense emotions 💓well done

  • Still interesting....

  • Tiffany Gordon 12 months ago

    Lil bro you sure know how to tell a story! 😁I loved it from beginning to end. The olive green jeep is fierce and the jeep party sounded like so much fun! I hope that Brenda is okay. This is such a fun and exciting series! I can't wait 4 the next installment!

  • Caroline Jane12 months ago

    You can feel your poetry seeping into this! Interesting. Fascinated by the fact it's a series.

  • Mariann Carroll12 months ago

    Poet turn into a mystery writer so cool 😎👍🥰

HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)Written by HandsomelouiiThePoet (Lonzo ward)

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