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3 Layered Vastu Pyramid

3 Layered Vastu 91 Pyramid

By komalkanwar09 Published 2 months ago 3 min read

3 Layered Vastu 91 Pyramid

The 3 Layered Vastu Pyramid, also known as the 91 Pyramid, is a powerful tool in Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design. This pyramid is designed to harmonize and balance the energy in your living or working space, promoting health, happiness, and prosperity. Let's explore the significance and benefits of the 3 Layered Vastu Pyramid.

1. Origin and Design:

The 3 Layered Vastu Pyramid is based on the principles of Vastu Shastra, which aims to create harmony between the cosmic energies and the energies within a space. This pyramid is constructed with three layers, each serving a specific purpose:

The top layer is made of crystal, which aids in focusing positive energy and eliminating bad energy.

The intermediate layer is constructed of copper, which is well-known for its ability to carry energy and magnify crystal effects.

The lowest layer consists of nine pyramid chips, each symbolizing one of the nine planets in Vedic astrology. These chips help to balance and harmonize the planetary energies.

2. Benefits of the Three-Layer Vastu Pyramid:

When put in your house or office, the 3 Layered Vastu Pyramid provides numerous benefits, including:

Enhanced Energy: The pyramid helps to increase the positive energy in your space, resulting in a more peaceful environment.

Protection: It serves as a barrier against bad energy, shielding you from damage.

Balance: By harmonizing the energies of the nine planets, the pyramid provides stability and balance in your life.

Health: The pyramid's energy can promote both physical and mental well-being.

Prosperity: It is thought to bring money and prosperity into your life.

3. Placement and Use:

To maximize the benefits of the 3 Layered Vastu Pyramid, it must be placed correctly:

North-East Corner: According to the Vastu Shastra, the northeast corner of your home or workplace is the most auspicious orientation for placing the pyramid.

Activation: To activate the pyramid, expose it to sunlight for a few hours before placing it in its intended location. This helps to energize the crystals and copper.

To keep the pyramid working properly, clean it with a soft cloth regularly and keep it free of dust and debris.

Finally, the 3 Layered Vastu Pyramid, with its distinctive design and powerful energy, is an effective instrument for increasing good energy in your home or workplace. Following Vastu Shastra principles and appropriately positioning the pyramid can result in greater health, prosperity, and overall well-being in your life.

The 3 Layered Vastu Pyramid is an effective instrument in Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian discipline that focuses on balancing persons and their surroundings. This 91 pyramid is composed of three tiers, each of which serves a specific purpose in enhancing the energies of the room.

The pyramid's initial tier is composed of brass, which is thought to attract positive energy and wealth. It functions as a shield against negative energy and contributes to a peaceful environment.

The second layer is constructed of copper, which is well-known for its conductivity and energy transmission capabilities. Copper has healing characteristics and is said to balance energy flow in a room, supporting health and well-being.

The third layer is formed of Panchdhatu, a five-metal alloy consisting of gold, silver, copper, zinc, and iron. This alloy is thought to improve the pyramid's powers, making it more effective in balancing energies and causing favorable environmental changes.

Placing the Three-Layered Vastu Pyramid in your house or office is thought to enhance peace, wealth, and well-being. To achieve the best effects, install the pyramid in the northeast corner of a room or structure, which is considered the most auspicious direction according to Vastu Shastra.

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