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Amanda Grimm2 years ago
You Don't Deserve To Know Me
Oh. Hello. My name is inconsequential to you as I will never stoop so low as to respond no matter what you call me. However, the only human I actually care for uses the name Amy when seeking my glorio...
Charles Maniego2 years ago
Life in the WojBomb and ShamsWow Era
Seemingly, NBA free agency has cooled down. All of the major moves have been made with Chris Paul, Paul George, Gordon Hayward and others heading to new teams in pursuit of winning a championship/beat...
Harrison Wier2 years ago
Why ESPN Is Failing
10,000 — the amount of subscribers ESPN loses on average per day. That alarming number seems to be taking its toll on the ‘Worldwide Leader in Sports.’ Want to know just how big this toll is? ESPN lai...
Owen McGrattan2 years ago
Aaron Nola: Changed and Better Than Ever
Everyone knows the Phillies are rebuilding. It’s a bleak time for any franchise, but it generally looks even worse especially considering the Phillies are supposed to better than their record right no...
Jared Wheeler2 years ago
America’s Black Athletic Conscience
I am white. Too many of my musings require that disclaimer these days. But there it is, I am white. Therefore I have no idea how it felt as a black family to see Allen Iverson, braided and brash and b...
Kyle Vandenberg2 years ago
Why Your Team Should Sign Jaromir Jagr
The case is actually pretty simple. If it were anyone else, and certainly anyone who wasn’t over the age of 40, a player of Jaromir Jagr’s ability would have been signed on July 1 without prejudice. W...

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