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Ruth Gibson7 days ago
Midnight Scuba Diving in Iceland
As a scuba diver, if Silfra isn't on your bucket list, it's probably because you haven't heard of it yet! With visibility over 100m, you really have to see it to believe it! It’s surely every diver's dream to experience water that clear, giving viz that can only be compared to the best HD experience that the best technology can provide! Silfra is a world-famous dive site located in Iceland, about 54 km North East of Reykjavik. The site can be reached in under an hour if the roads are clear of sn...
Trish Gilmore8 days ago
Enjoying a Sip from Ugly Mug Coffee
Ugly Mug Coffee is a sustainable company striving to make coffee both convenient and environmentally friendly. Since Keurig flooded the coffee market, countless homes and offices embraced the ease of ...
A Love More Inclusive
I would like to preface this, with the understanding that I am in no way trying to put down romantic love. Romantic love is magical, and wonderful, and when reciprocated in a healthy way, can be very ...
LP Steinbeck8 days ago
The Bird and the Pearl
I had not eaten or drank anything all day. Yesterday was one month since my husband’s passing; food held no allure for me. A visitor stopped by in the afternoon, and it was probably the last person in...
The Bronx Vegan9 days ago
The Future of Sazon and Adobo Is Loisa
Through all my memories of existing in a Puerto Rican household, there was one constant that was never questioned. It was always there in our pantries, in our foods, in every supermarket we’d set foot...
Jay Dee Archer12 days ago
Reverse Culture Shock
It's been three years since I left Japan to return to my home country of Canada. I lived in Japan for eleven years, more than a quarter of my life. That's a long time to live outside your home country. I got married in Japan, had a child in Japan, and had a job I loved in Japan. But why did I move back to Canada? There are several reasons, which I'll briefly touch, but it was a very difficult decision. It's a decision I still live with, and I've changed a lot as a person. When you move to anothe...

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