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Skunk Uzeki3 days ago
How Weed May Corrupt Your Wearable Data
Now that weed is slowly getting legalized throughout the country, people are starting to treat marijuana as a health aid. Truthfully, there's good reason for people treating cannabis as a great way to...
Dirt... The Black Woman... Life
The black woman is dirt Yes. Ah yes, you heard me right, I said: the black woman is dirt But before you go up in arms listen to what I have to say first The black woman is indeed dirt I say this in al...
Tomás Brandão4 days ago
Rotterdam, A Home Away from Home
This past weekend I did some travelling once more, this time to Rotterdam, and let me tell you, it was fantastic. Right now I’m at a crossroad in my life, perhaps another post soon will explain it, bu...
OMNI Staff4 days ago
Interview with Author K.E. Lanning
Author K.E. Lanning is a scientist and writer—visualizing subterranean faults and those of imagined characters. As she describes, “Physics trains the mind to analyze and deduce theories, similar to de...
Deborah Alice4 days ago
Our Mothers of Color
My mother was born of a woman who did not keep her. One of many siblings, my mother was supposedly the only child her mother decided she could not keep. She was adopted into a very well off, heavily e...
Tori Hofstein4 days ago
I Woman, I Tori
I am woman Hear me shout Hear me Explain why I'm human Should be cared about I explain my existence As biracial As bisexual As worthy as I can But speech is heavy-lidded with doubts that all will hear...

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