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GLAUX CHEM 9 days ago
10 Awesome Compounds Found in Hemp Oil That Save Your Skin
Hemp is considered as a super food by many nutritionists around the world, with some even panning it as the most nutritious of all. Today, the plant is starting to see a huge amount of love sent its w...
Buddy Brown10 days ago
All the Upcoming Marvel Movies You Need to Know About
It is 2019, and we are in the middle of a new age of comic book movies. More specifically, it is the Golden Age of Marvel Comics-based movies—and cinephiles will be quick to agree. Directors and produ...
Anonymous UwU12 days ago
The Art of War
The tale, as far as I know it, started in 1979. It started with Saddam Hussein. It started with conflict, with war, with struggle, hostility, bloodshed. It started with death. My grandfather, then 25 ...
Sarah McDaniel14 days ago
Say No to Sugar Posers, Eat Real Fruit
Who wakes up refreshed and sails through a balanced day? No mood swings, no racing thoughts, no biting anxieties—only crystal clarity. Some of us are lucky enough to experience sporadic stretches of w...
Noelle Clarke15 days ago
Politics, Travel & Influence
A little while ago, in endlessly scrolling through Instagram—as you do—I came across beautiful pictures of Myanmar, posted by a well-known travel blogger. I have never been personally interested in vi...
Ainsley Lawrence15 days ago
How Science Fiction Will Influence the Future of Interior Design
Science fiction has been a cultural phenomenon for decades now, impacting the landscape of our lives in numerous ways, from our terminology and the way we think to what we wear, what we drive, and whe...

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