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dana blouin3 days ago
How to Craft a Killer Pitch Deck
As an entrepreneur, nothing can seem more overwhelming than getting up in front of investors to pitch as you try to raise funds. And I’ll be honest, it’s going to be a massive part of what you do as a...
Lewis Jefferies3 days ago
The Members Of the Rebooted 'It' Losers' Club Reveal Who They Hope To See Play The Adult Characters
It is ready to terrify the world with the rebooted version of Stephen King's spooky and legendary book. The reboot is set to be released in theatres across the world from September 8th, in which will ...
Anthony Beal3 days ago
Own Your Next Tempura Restaurant Meal Like A Boss
Nothing conveys to your dining companions that they are in good hands with you like your knowing the ins and outs of how best to partake of a chosen cuisine. Some foods, while seeming straightforward ...
Laura Miller4 days ago
I Want Adventure In That Great Wide Somewhere
“What? That’s so cool. But…why?” Every time someone has asked me “why?” over the last two months, I’ve had some really great answers. Answers that were honest, but also very specificto the needs of ea...
Skunk Uzeki4 days ago
Best Pre-Rolled Cones for Weed
There are a lot of people out there who love to smoke weed, but don't know how to roll a blunt. There are also many people out there who can teach you how to roll a cross joint, but just legitimately ...
Iain Baker4 days ago
A Comedy of Errors in the British Army UOTC, Part 2
So I had passed the UOTC’s selection process, which at the time I felt quite proud of. The next weekend we were shipped off to Cardiff to get our kit, have our medicals and…er….sit around and not do a...

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