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James Lizowski3 days ago
Best Drones for Aerial Photography
There are many reasons why someone might find drones to be a fun hobby to partake in. Gearheads love the idea of being able to tinker with technology, and drone maintenance definitely allows for plent...
Chloe Gilholy3 days ago
The Gate - Björk
The Icelandic songstress is back with a light fluffy persona and a brand new song called The Gate. Her new album Utopia is scheduled to be released in November. Am I excited? You bet I am. Björk is on...
When Depression Feels like Rage
Recently I have been dealing with a lot of changes in my life, something that can be difficult for most people, much less a person dealing with mental health issues. However, the emotions I felt durin...
Lucy Hill4 days ago
The Skin
There's something about skin. The way it feels when two bodies are together, relaxed and comfortable, it's bliss. I love the way he caresses me. I feel a connection. He and I, together for a moment, a...
D.A. Baldwin4 days ago
How (Not) to Write: A Y.A. Romance, Part I
Young Adult literature is probably one of the most popular genres nowadays from what I've seen, and it has been for the past few years, perhaps even longer. I think the buzz started with Twilight, and...
PJ Reilly4 days ago
Corrupt the Youth
This essay does not intend to add to the thousands of think-pieces on Donald Trump's profound unfitness of the Office of the Presidency on the basis of his politics, for it is clear that the subjectiv...

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