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How to Get Rid of Pimple Scars
Every day, millions of people suffer from the frustration and shame of having pimple scars. While the battle continues on in trying to find a powerful cure that can prevent one hundred percent of brea...
The Sexiest Songs of All Time You Need to Hear
Songs can have a variety of emotions that they impart on a listener. Rage, joy, hope, sadness, and even that eerily unsettling calm that can only be gotten once in a blue moon can be found in the righ...
Rebecca Weaner3 days ago
6 Unknown and Uncommon Signs of Depression and Anxiety
When discussing mental illness, it is easy to think of the ones commonly spoken about, depression and anxiety being two of the most talked about, since these two disorders affect as many people as the...
Grace Mitchell3 days ago
The Box Jellyfish
Box Jellyfish are very old, surviving for more than 500 million years. One woman named Diana Nyad, known for swimming from Cuba to Florida, was not as successful as she appears. Three of her five atte...
Jason Schwartz3 days ago
Why We Need to See Slamball Come Back
I'm probably in the minority as someone who was an avid Slamball viewer. Most people who have heard of Slamball think of it as only basketball with a trampoline, but it's much more than that. Slamball...
Riley Reese4 days ago
Best Media Streaming Devices in 2018
Cable sucks these days, right? Too many commercials, too high a price, and too much hassle has made it a bore. Many of us can't even afford to get cable at home, anyway. With more and more people pref...

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