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Is the Matrix Real?
The movie that came out in 1999 written by The Wachowski Brothers (now The Wachowskis), starring Keanu Reeves blew our mind with their plot about how the world is computer generated—and how the group ...
Alfred Taerz3 days ago
Best Soccer Cleats for Midfielders to Buy
Midfielders don't have it easy. You're not only responsible for practically all that happens across the pitch, you need to be on the ball as much as possible to ensure your team doesn't give up posses...
C.C. Curtis3 days ago
The Reasons Soldiers Hate on the Marines Will Shock You
All of the United States Armed Forces are there to protect and serve the country. Through battles and wars, these individuals who are enlisted in the United States Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force,...
Rowan Marley3 days ago
Worst Muscle Cars in History
Ah, the muscle car... it's the car genre that's known for being a nice piece of classic Americana, the genre that made engines roar, pulses pound, and also created a massive build that truly became ic...
C.C. Curtis3 days ago
Organic Dog Food Recipes That Are Super Easy to Make
Store-bought dog food these days don't entirely taste great to many dogs. Sure, many of them include vitamins and minerals to give dogs their strength and energy, but are they as tasty as they say the...
Jennifer Violet3 days ago
Best Food Documentaries on Netflix to Stream Now
Food documentaries truly teach us a lot about the foods that we are eating. From how certain foods came to be, to the foods that can ruin our bodies, and even documentaries based on popular and skillf...

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