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Why Hiring Managers Should Use Psychometric Test Online?

Reasons why a hiring managers should use psychometric test online in their recruiting. Read on to know more:

By mayank kejriwalPublished about a month ago 4 min read

The word psychometric basically refers to the measurement of the mind. Unlike facets such as education, skills, experience, appearance and punctuality, the behavioral traits and personality of a candidate can be much more difficult to assess during an interview.

Recruiters, nowadays use psychometric test online during their recruitment process to help give a better overall evaluation of a candidate and hopefully secure the best fit for the role. For any organization, psychometric assessments could help gauge the future performance of a candidate and hopefully improve employee retention by making successful hiring decisions.

Reasons why a hiring managers should use psychometric test online in their recruiting.

1. Obtaining standardized information

Psychometric assessments provides standardized information, which means that candidates are assessed using the same criteria and compared against reliable market standards. This standardization adds freedom and neutrality to the assessment process, which can sometimes be lacking in solely internal processes. By comparing all of the candidates with various standards and valid psychometric tools, a more complete profile of these individuals can be obtained.

2. Companies of all sizes can utilize psychometric testing

Psychometric assessments does not necessarily need to be reserved for larger corporations or organizations looking to recruit fresh graduates. SMEs can use this tool, too, as part of their overall recruitment strategies. Here, it is important to make sure candidates are being tested for the right traits, small and medium organizations might not necessarily tailor tests quite as much as larger organizations. Rather, they can be used to give a more general idea of candidate’s’ abilities and personality.

3. Psychometric assessments means you are not relying solely on interviews

Of course, a interview is the crucial to any organization’s recruitment strategy but being a recruiter you know very well that some candidates could be absolutely perfect for your job but they just don’t interview well. On the other side of the coin, some candidates could have lots of confidence or be well versed in the art of interviews and will offer a whole range of well rehearsed answers to your questions. Recruitment is all about filling your positions with the right people for the job and, on their own, interviews do not measure capability. Psychometric assessments gives you a benchmark where you can compare results against other candidates who have applied and also previous candidates who might be thriving within your company. Introducing this type of test means you don’t need to sit and rack your brains, trying to remember everything that each candidate said in interview.

4. Psychometric testing saves employers time and money

Recruiting a new staff can take up a lot of valuable time and can also prove costly, especially if the best talent you’re looking for isn’t found straight away. Psychometric assessments can save employers both time and money here. If you work for, or own, a organization where competition for jobs is high and hundreds or thousands of applicants apply for your roles, you will appreciate effective filtering methods such as psychometric assessments. Also, if you’ve written a great job advert that is going to tempt all those students and graduates towards your company, psychometric tests used early in the application process means you can quickly identify those young people who will best fit your organization both through their abilities and their personality. In this way, psychometric assessments can contribute in more efficient way of recruitment because you are only taking those most suited to your company to the next stage of the application process.

5. Psychometric assessments provides a true picture of candidates

Psychometric assessments can give a very good picture of your candidates – they give an idea of the candidate’s personality what makes them tick and how they prefer to work in given situations; how they work under pressure, for example, and how they work alone or as part of a team. The very nature of psychometric assessment is that they are difficult to game so the results you get from each test should be true results in that they show you what your candidates are really like in the workplace. This means that you will also know about not only their abilities but how well they are going to get along with other employees within your company.

6. Psychometric assessment is fair for your candidates as well as for you

Psychometric assessments offer a standardized approach to recruitment and it is fair for candidates because they all go through exactly the same assessments process. If you have done interviews in the past, perhaps you have had days where you are not feeling well or you feel a bit fatigued. This means candidates who apply for your job roles might not be getting the same type of interview as the candidates who were interviewed the day before. Psychometric assessments also helps candidates to better judge themselves. If you have found their personality really suits your company, however, you might be able to make use of the candidate’s new found strengths elsewhere in the company. In this way, psychometric assessments can be a win win situation.


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