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What is the secret history of UFO sightings and research in China?

Think UFOs are only a modern American obsession? Think again. From imperial China's ancient records to the secret files of today's PLA, China's vast lands have witnessed their share of unexplained aerial mysteries. Now, as the regime slowly opens up, the fascinating story of China's centuries-long struggle to understand bizarre lights in its skies is coming to light. Join us as we unravel a cryptic history of forbidden accounts, mysterious vanishings, and real-life X-Files from the Middle Kingdom. You'll discover an unfamiliar side of China and its tense relationship with an elusive phenomenon 🤬❓❗

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China Encounters 🤬❓❗

China's History of UFO Encounters: High-Profile Sightings and Investigations

China has experienced numerous UFO sightings over the years. While the authoritarian government has been tight-lipped, some spectacular events provoked enough public reaction to gain notoriety. As global interest in UFOs intensifies, China's own intriguing history merits examination.

The Strange Case of Meng Zhaoguo 🤬❓❗

The Strange Case of Meng Zhaoguo

In 1994, a rural villager named Meng Zhaoguo spotted a weird shimmering object while hiking near his home. Approaching it, he suddenly lost consciousness.

Days later, Meng claimed 10-foot-tall aliens abducted him to their ship. Their broken Chinese described themselves as "refugees." But their identity remains enigmatic.

The case exploded after Meng said the extraterrestrials showed him a video of a comet striking Jupiter. On July 16th, comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 did impact Jupiter, just as Meng described seeing.

Investigators found scorched trees and cracked rocks where Meng first saw the UFO. But his fanciful descriptions raise questions. How did this peasant farmer predict the Jupiter comet? A puzzle still debated today.

Fiery Light Over Qiqihar

On February 14, 2023, residents of Qiqihar in Heilongjiang province sighted a strange fiery light crossing the night sky. It left a trail before vanishing after a few seconds.

Local meteorologists had no explanation, stating they were unaware of any military exercises that could cause the phenomenon. Like many UFOs, its origin remains unknown.

Shanghai Sighting of Massive Sphere 🤬❓❗

Shanghai Sighting of Massive Sphere

At 9 PM on August 20, 2011, dozens of airliner crews flying over Shanghai saw an enormous pulsating sphere of light. It slowly faded away.

Observers on the ground also witnessed the event. While skeptics claimed it was just rocket fuel igniting in the upper atmosphere, the eerie incident left witnesses unsatisfied with mundane explanations.

Historic Chinese UFO Artwork and Records

China's lengthy history contains many accounts of anomalous aerial sightings. The 1071 writings of poet Su Dongpo described a UFO spotted over Jinshan Temple.

Painter Wu Youru memorialized a 1892 mass UFO sighting in his work "Red Flame Soaring in the Sky", showing awestruck observers watching a fiery ball cross the heavens.

Flight crews, astronomers, and ordinary citizens have recorded sightings for centuries. Though often ignored by authorities, something strange has frequented China's skies since ancient times.

Flight 3665's Midair UFO Encounter 🤬❓❗

Flight 3665's Midair UFO Encounter

On March 18, 1991, the crew of Flight 3665 from Shanghai to Jinan saw an astonishing sight out their cockpit window. A large spheroidal craft broke apart into multiple cylinders before reassembling right before their eyes.

Ground control transcribed the crew's shocked descriptions as the UFO's color shifted from red to black during its bizarre contortions. The unknown origin of the craft left both pilots and air traffic control at a loss.

Airport Closures Amidst UFO Flaps

Multiple Chinese airports have experienced mass shutdowns following UFOs appearing near flight paths and runways. In 2010 alone, unknown luminous craft caused closures in Hangzhou, Inner Mongolia and Chongqing.

The most spectacular event occurred in October 1998 during a wave of UFO sightings across China. A brightly glowing UFO hovered over Xiaoshan Airport near Hangzhou for over an hour, causing a shutdown that delayed 18 flights and affected over 10,000 travelers.

China's Evolving Attitude Towards UFOs 🤬❓❗

China's Evolving Attitude Towards UFOs

The Chinese government long suppressed UFO studies, only forming the state-approved Shanghai UFO Research Center in 1979. Grassroots investigation was discouraged if not prohibited outright.

But facing global pressure and its own citizens' curiosity, official attitudes are softening. The People's Liberation Army has been quietly investigating UFO encounters within its own ranks. More data may emerge as global transparency improves.

The next revelation could arise from a Chinese farmer's field or an airliner's windshield. But after decades of suppression, China's UFO secrets are getting harder to keep. Their betrayals of the unknown promise to astonish the world.


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