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What is ASPX File? Its Advantages and How to Open One

Here are a few things you need to know about ASPX File.

By Chatwalee PingksPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
What is ASPX File? Its Advantages and How to Open One
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Websites are a bit intricate and require several configuration files like ASPX to operate. You could be asking, what is ASPX file? Well, it merely stands for Active server pages used by web servers to run Microsoft ASPX.Net web forms. It essentially directs the browser on which element to fetch from the server, including images, text, and other assets. It contains several scripts that get processed into HTML by the server then sent to the user's web browser to help in communicating on how to open and display a page. Have a look into details of what it entails.

How to open ASPX file

Step 1

If you try to open your ASPX file extension but windows can't process it, renaming it is one easy trick to help you out. Change the file title from ASPX file into PDF, a form well supported by windows.

Step 2

To rename, set up your device settings such that you can view any file's extension. Opening the run dialogue box and type control folders, then press "OK" to bring out several file explorer options. Proceed to the view tab and reset folders to adjust the boxes corresponding to hide extensions for file types, and then click Apply and "OK" button.

Step 3

Now that your files are visible right-click on the ASPX file extension and proceed to the context menu to select rename. You can now change the extension from ASPX into a PDF, and you will get a warning that if you adjust the file, it might get unusable; still, click "Yes."

The extension changes to PDF, and you can now go ahead and access your information. Sometimes this might fail since renaming can corrupt the content; in this case, you can view your document with the help of browsers in the form of PDF.

Step 4

To use a web browser, right-click on the file with ASPX extension, and from the menu bar, click "open with" select Google chrome, and if it fails to appear, click "Choose another app" then select Google chrome application. Your document will open through any browser supported by windows 10.

Step 5

If you need to see the content on a pc, remember that the ASPX file can be converted to PDF. Open it in the browser press "Ctrl +P," select "save as PDF, "then click save to convert the file into PDF, and you can open it on the pc to view the content.

The Advantages of ASPX File

  • Its stability improves with each new version allowing engineers to use it as their preferred web development technology.
  • It enables developers and programmers to build web applications and rich websites that are dynamic with compiled languages.
  • It aids in reducing coding time when developing applications, due to the different coding reviews that improve quality.
  • It makes tasks easy by allowing easy client verification, effortless detail presentation, categorization, and sight alignment.
  • It allows enhanced performance through quick recording and smart caching technologies.
  • It's best suited for most applications as the framework is language-independent, allowing you to make use of any programming language.
  • The configuration details are integrated, making it easy to deploy.
  • Applications can handle requests since all processes are managed and controlled by the ASP.NET such that a new process gets created in case of a dead one.
  • It also avails full support for CSS, XML, as well as other established web standards.


The above guideline shines a light as to what ASPX file is and outlines several methods in which you can read your ASPX files. You can either rename the extension into a PDF or open the file in PDF form through a browser.

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