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7 Essential Web Design & Development Trends You'll Never Forget

Web Development & Designing Trends

By Blurbpoint MediaPublished 6 years ago 2 min read

"To improve is to change and to attain perfection is to change often."—Winston Churchill

Technology keeps changing and upgrading! So if you want to be at the top of the game, it is very important and that you cope up with the same. It is a confusing yet exciting scenario while you are in the developing world and designing cosmos.

Let us all remember the ultimate words of Chris Coyer that you are notbuilding pagesbut you are building systems and march forward to have a look at the most popular design and development trends in the year of 2018.

Design Trends of 2018

The designs of the websites and the systems are like style guides and systems. This is because here we are not only going to discuss the visual layouts of the individual landing pages but also about the seismic and gradual shift of the web design scenario. Have a look at the overall transition.

Symmetry vs. Asymmetry

The debate for the symmetry and asymmetry designs to be included in the website is continuing since long. Many designers tend to prefer the asymmetrical ones for their websites. However, there are many other website designers as well those who always select the symmetrical designs as their priority.

While you are trying to make a bold statement, at that times, being asymmetrical definitely helps.

The Ultimate Chaos - Mobile or Desktop

There is an absolute chaos when it comes to the point whether to go mobile or not. The answer is very absolute! Yes… It has been researched and noted that if your website is user responsive, then the chances to rank higher in Google SERPs enhances.

So it is always advisable to be mobile friendly.

Material Design Lite

The Material Design Lite includes guidelines and components including an overall framework that helps to develop a site with minimal knowledge up front. The concept of MDL makes the website accessible in a quick and easy manner.

The sites designed with the help of the Material Design Lite are visually attractive and aesthetic and robust making the same easy to use.

This is the end of the design trends and let us march into the development trends that ruled in the year 2018.

Development Trends of 2018

Web development is being developed at an incredible speed. This is the reason that the trends that were too popular in the year 2016 are considered less than archaic in the 2018 year. Catch the most promising trends of the web developments of the year 2018.

Rise of JavaScript

JavaScript has been on the rise since last few years. This rapid growth helps and allows the developers to work on the chatbots and other such AI elements.

While you use the JS, the grammar and efficiency of developing software were improved a lot. This is the reason for being the most favorite language among the full stack developers.

Static Site Generators

The static site generators have the capacity to develop the websites from the files’ text rather being in the database. This, in turn, reduces the loading and response time of the website along deployment and usage of the templates in a much easy manner.

Summing Up

So now when you have unleashed all the design and developments trends, make sure that you are able to improve on these lines while you are heading to the new year of 2018. There will many other trends that will be coming up along with some more up-gradations. But you just need to stay updated with those trends as well.

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