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Most Useful Coding Languages to Know

Read this before diving into the coding world!

By Dennis McKonkiePublished 5 years ago 3 min read

These languages will open doors in the coding world.

Anyone wanting to get into computer programming may wonder where to start. There are so many languages, so they do not want to start with the wrong one. There are languages that are able to be learned that will have limited chances to get a job. Others are too specialized to start with. That is why you need to consider what is best to start with and what to learn next. This is as important as understanding the svn vs git argument. While some languages are useful, they are not in as much demand as others. Here are some to consider.

C Language

Many people will say not to learn C, as it can get complicated. If you learn C, you will gain a much better understanding of operating systems and the core functions of computer architecture. You may have to spend more time making the program, but the end result will be faster and better. C is what is used in creating operating systems. It may not be as user friendly, but it is the Latin to many of the other languages that seem more romantic. While it takes more work, the end project will be more stable.


Wanting a fast and easy language to learn that will open all manner of career options? Python may just be the solution. Python is used in every area of computer programming. While it may have limits, it will still get your foot in the door. The libraries, or precompiled routines, cover many areas with ease. From artificial intelligence to web design, the doors are opened. The other aspect that is good for new people is the community. Programmers are online talking through the problems they are having. They are sharing advice. This is what people need to start learning.


Java has been around for quite a while. It has established libraries that will help anyone create whatever they need. All operating systems have a way to run a Java program with ease. This is another flexible language. It is considered a core language, so many companies are looking to hire programmers. The community and resources are there for new learners, as well. It is also considered the most common language in use. A person can decide they want to create a program that teaches about Mars. When they are done, there will be no limitations or special programming needed to reach everyone with a computer.


JavaScript is a web design language, but it will allow for someone to get into either end of the career. While the other languages are more versatile in the job market, JS shows specialization. It means that someone wants to understand how to get more functionality into a website. It is also a good starting language to get a good job. HTML and CSS are not considered languages and are easily learned. With these three, a person can get into programming in a few months on their own. They will be at the bottom of the pile, but will have a start.

These programming languages are in high demand. People want to hire those who know them. Learning all of them will open even more doors. In any case, researching them will show this is a good first step to starting any career in computer coding. Programming has grown with every new innovation. A person can get their foot in the door and make good money. Knowing these languages can also allow someone to find solutions where they are needed. Find a good book on one and start typing away. Hello World can turn into a successful life.


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