The Horrors of Owning a Dell Inspiron 15 3000

Dude, you're not getting a Dell...

The Horrors of Owning a Dell Inspiron 15 3000

I'd like to first point out that I'm pretty sure all of Dell's 5 star reviews for the Inspiron 15 3000... are fake. First, because there is no obvious place to leave a review, EVEN if you have an active account. Seriously, I used all my Google Fu to try and figure out how and where to leave a review, and the closest thing I came up with, was an 'Ask' page, with dozens of people asking the exact same question. So... who the fuck is writing these 'customer' reviews?... I'm a fucking customer and I can't fucking write one!

Second reason I think the reviews are fake, they don't seem to be based on any reality I can fucking fathom. My Dell Inspiron 15 300o runs SO FUCKING BAD, I can only imagine that anyone happy with the product either, 1) doesn't know any better, 2) by some fluke got one that actually works, 3) ARE FUCKING LYING...

When I first got this $300 brick, I began the arduous process of shutting off all the useless background programs, just so it didn't run at a snails pace and crash, FROM DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That's right, in order to get the damn computer to work AT ALL, I spend FUCKING HOURS shutting off and removing needless background programs. McAfee crashed it on a regular, just turning the fucking thing on. McAfee being the stock (and completely fucking useless) security system it comes with. I had to remove McAfee JUST TOT GET THE FUCKING COMPUTER TO RUN.

It ran SO BAD, and SO SLOW, over heating SO OFTEN, that I had to shut off some of the hardware like the Bluetooth and the Web Cam just to save this fucking brick from cooking it's own processor. MIND YOU, this is new out of the god damn box. Not like, months later when I could potentially have a virus or have a billion other background programs I added on that could be choking it. New, right out of the fucking box.

It got so damn bad, I hired a tech guy to try and clock the brick. He couldn't, because it was already running SO HOT, it was pushing 80-90c on a fucking regular. AND THAT'S WITH ONLY TWO FUCKING BROWSER TABS OPEN!!!

The tech suggested that maybe I got a faulty product and to send it back for an over haul. Fair enough. Contacted Dell, let them run their own check up. Was told AT THE TIME that my machine appears to be running normally, BY THEIR EXPERT. And I was like, "NOPE, the CPU is cooking itself, take it back and fucking fix it." And because the tech KNOWS that a computer shouldn't be running 80-90c, they took it back, even after insisting that nothing was wrong. I want you to remember this as we continue...

Sent the brick back to Dell, dell replaced the fans and the heat sinks, BECAUSE THEY WERE DAMAGE FROM FREQUENT OVER HEATING, then they sent it back, "good as new."

The only problem with that... GOOD AS NEW IS STILL FUCKING USELESS. When it actually WAS fucking new, it ran like garbage, and cooked itself alive. Why the FUCK would "good as new" somehow be magically better. AND IT ISN'T.

The Inspiron 15 3000 I have, still crashes with only 2 browser tabs open. It STILL overheats running 80-90c on a regular, and it's only a mater of time till it cooks itself and I have to send it back again.

I'm waiting for my replacement to come in the mail, grabbing all my stuff off this brick, then demanding a full refund.

In short, fuck Dell, fuck the Inspiron 15 3000, fuck their customer service for trying to convince me there was nothing wrong with my PC, when THEY KNOW it's running too hot. Fuck them and everything about it. Buyer beware.

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Reed Alexander
Reed Alexander
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