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Reed Alexander's Review of 'WordPress.com'

by Reed Alexander 3 years ago in product review

Buyer Beware...

If you were thinking about making a WordPress website, let me provide some insight... don't.

You heard me correct, do not make a website with WordPress.

Initially I felt they were okay. They have a simple, easy to use platform, that is perfect for simple blogs or places to sell you good. It's not unreasonably priced for a pro site at $8/month, so I figured, why the hell not?

They also offer G-Suite so again I figured, why not? I purchased G-Suite and began to build up my site. Frankly, had everything ended there I would have given WordPress 3/5 stars as well as my blessing.

Unfortunately, in my attempts to log onto G-Suite, it kept telling me my password was invalid. Hey, no big deal, that's what password reset is for. Unfortunately, after multiple attempts, all failed and I had to submit a ticket. Hey, no big deal. These things happen. I submitted my ticket and patiently waited.

This is where things went of the rails. Google support sent me a message telling me they could not help and I had to contact a third party reseller. They provided a link and so off I went, a little annoyed but determined. After multiple attempts, the link did not work.

At this point, annoyed but still more than willing to use WordPress, I contacted my credit card company and had them deny payment for failure to provide service.

As it turns out, WordPress was the third party reseller that Google was apparently too busy to contact and too dumb to provide a functioning link for. WordPress immediately contacted me, telling me that they had been charged a $15 penalty for the denial of payment and they were going to suspend posting on my site until I paid them the full $15.

The following is my response...

"I attempted to use my G-Suite account and could not access it. I attempted a password reset and it failed. I attempted to place a ticket to have this matter addressed and was forwarded to this party. All attempts to reach the third party have failed.

You are liable for the $15 penalty, not me.

You will reactivate my account immediately or I will dispute the full subscription payment.

If my demands are not addressed in 24 hrs, I will dispute the full subscription payment.

Do you understand?"

I was firm, and I was direct.

This was WordPress's response.

"We certainly would have been happy to discuss these issues with you and helped you work towards a resolution, but it seems that you're not interested in a respectful conversation. This type of language just won't be tolerated.

I've gone ahead and issued a full refund and removed WordPress.com Premium from your account."

Excuse me but what? "This type of language?" I didn't swear, I didn't use abusive terms, I wasn't even particularly mean. You could argue that I was being rude, but in my opinion, I was just being firm and direct.

Well, if you can't handle firm and direct, what the hell are you even doing on the internet?!? I certainly can't be the worst customer they've ever dealt with.

But let's not fool ourselves. This isn't about me hurting their feelings. This is about them knowing that I know my rights as a consumer. WordPress wants dumb ignorant consumers who don't know how to deal with a service that's trying to rip them off and get away with it. They want easy pushover clients that they know will swallow erroneous charges rather than stand up for themselves. They don't want to do business with me, not because of what I said, but because of what I know.

Do not use WordPress. 0/5 stars.

product review

Reed Alexander

I'm the foulmouthed horror movie critic. I post new reviews every Sunday, so stay tuned =D

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Reed Alexander
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