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Smartest Ways to Hack Proof Your Phone

Looming internet threats still plague the world wide web. Prevent intrusion by utilizing any of the following ways to hack proof your phone.

By George HermanPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

No matter how well President Trump may extend his diplomatic tirades into 280 characters or less, no button of any size can holistically thwart internet hacking. Your phone? That's a prime target, my friend. Think about this: while that neat touchscreen device may be, at its barest stage, a cellular phone for mass communication, it has obviously been enhanced over the years with cameras, internet connectivity, and background multi-app functionality only a few examples. If you don't have protection for your phone, whether it be a password management application or even some encryption program, safeguarding your internet documents and private information should be of utmost concern.

Fortunately for you, there's no need to waste hard earned finances on protection just for you mobile device when you can simply uncover the ways to hack proof your phone. They're generally simple and don't take too much time; be prepared though, in the likelihood of mishap or failure, to have your phone backed up with all your data safe and secure on multiple devices, or even a cloud based proprietary program. These steps are the most valuable methods for maintaining the tightest security on your smart phone.

1. Get to Know the Device

From the very moments following the purchase of a new phone, or even an insured replacement, you should not only set it up to your liking, but memorize all of the rudimentary aspects. This guarantees your ability to spot an internal threat before it can even become a major issue. I can see how this may seem daunting for most people, but it's merely covering your tracks and planning ahead.

Try to understand your phone's privacy policy, read up on what "phishing" is all about and, of course, download safety programs like McAfee and Avast, which can protect your phone against spyware and dangerous viruses.

2. Warning Signs

Easiest of them all, plus quite possibly the most daunting of them all now, thanks to Apple's having downgraded the batteries of their phones for years, upgrading when prompted by your phone—no matter if it's an Android, Apple, or Google phone—is just as important as removing your phone off the charger after it reaches 100 percent.

Listen to your device. No matter how much we all may complain about how slow they run, how short their battery lives have become, they don't call them "smart" for nothing. These software upgrades directly improve your phone's operating system. If that's not as up to date as possible, and if your apps are also behind schedule, it's no wonder your phone's moving so slow. You know what upgrading also is? Among many ways to hack proof your phone, so upgrade it ASAP!

3. No Aimless Downloads

Personally, I think 2018 should be the year we stop downloading random applications without paying attention to their rules and regulations, or even the viability of their developers. It's important not only to routinely rid your phone of unused apps, pictures, and other storage space, but to also keep a firm check on your downloads, as well.

I'm talking specifically to people particular to the Android device, or even Google users. The latter's security measures for third-party applications isn't as sophisticated or as vetted as Apple's, yet this don't mean there aren't still a host of shady programs on the App Store, as well. Case in point, always be smart when downloading something on your phone, and if it's off the web, make sure you have the right app before agreeing to anything. There is a such thing as a malicious app, so don't fall victim to naivety when it comes to your cybersecurity.

4. All-in-One Management

Though it coincidentally disregards the previous rule, downloading a password management application is a surefire way to increase your security, and it can also optimize the performance of your safety net. These are applications dedicated to stopping hackers by making data theft irrelevant.

Apps like LastPass, 1Password, and Dashlane are all viable and particularly safe routes that can not only protect your passwords, but can likewise keep your phone safeguarded from other online threats. These password managers also keep track of your shopping receipts, saving them in various encrypted files, along with your passwords, to ensure you have the utmost security. The most popular password management apps is a good start for finding the best for your needs.

5. Private String Ways

Whenever you join a public Wi-Fi router or free internet connectivity away from your protected devices you are highly susceptible to being hacked, having your bank accounts stolen, or worst of all: identify theft. To ensure you're surfing the world wide web in a secure environment, use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which provides you with a host of various services that bypass the public network, conceals your location, keeps your identity anonymous, and so much more.

So, while it's so awesome that you can finally use that free Wi-Fi in the McDonald's rest stop, a safer bet would be to stop that entirely. But, irresistible as it must be, if Wi-Fi becomes a life or death situation, please utilize a VPN for superior safety and consistent online anonymity. Follow the PC Mag guide to the best VPNs of 2018 so you'll always be safe no matter what WI-Fi you hijack.

6. Sticky Fingers

Whether lost or stolen, your phone is still susceptible to being broken into from the outside, which oftentimes can become even worse than an online hacking. In order to thwart thieves from acquiring sensitive documents and personal photos after finding your device in their possession, keep it under a dual lock authentication so there's no chance a criminal will be able to hack into your device.

This means the expert utilization of your smart phone's fingerprint enabled locking mechanism. No one but you can get inside the locked scheme, unless your six digit code is crackable. You must ensure that nothing happens to your information in the fretful event of your device's theft or loss.

7. Always Logout

While those nifty password protectors do help to conceal your identity and protect you from potential dangers, their consistent feature of seamless logins only perpetuates the problem at hand. After leaving websites, always log out before closing the window. This way, all potentiality of hacking has been bypassed.

When it comes to surfing the internet, which nowadays is absolutely no different from any number of uses your phone can provide, think of websites, applications and search engines as different rooms. You come and go, enter and leave, but if you consistently forget to logout, your digital footprint still remains. While some may not see it as all-too personal, keeping this data guarded can help end online criminality.

8. Watchful Guardian

Other more specific types of security apps can include sites like LogDog, which keeps an attentive eyes on all of your transactions and day to day business, ensuring your identify remains in your hands. This online service will also keep you up to date and informed on suspicious activity concerning your name and identity online.

That is correct: LogDog specifically investigates online trails of identity theft and fraudulent behavior, not only releasing weight and tension off your shoulders, but also guaranteeing your overall safety.

9. Lock the Doors

Most people tend to forget that apps can also be locked on your phone, which immediately enhances the quality of your phone's security. Make sure your applications are properly locked and logged off when you're done using a specific service or program. Popular on Android, locking apps is a superior function that should be expounded upon in future of mobile devices.

Tedious as it may seem at first, following this concept among ways to hack proof your phone will utterly reinforce your system and keeps criminals at bay. While you may think an app is trusted and secure, you never know who can be behind the curtain. The dark web is lurking right there under it all, so keep that in mind while trolling through the netscape.

10. Find Me

Make immediate use of the Find My iPhone tool in your Apple smart phone's application services. Android, too, has a host of location services for devices and optimized security on the Marketplace, just make sure they are reliable developers before you install apps. Android Device Manager is a perfect application for their device.

In case your phone does get lost or stolen, these sophisticated tools will highlight your device's location so your personal information is safe and secure at all times. With Apple Watches and Android Gear now blowing up the market in mobile sales, their locator components are likewise among the may smart ways to hack proof your phone.

11. Sewing Many Masks

While it may be frowned upon in some circles, specifically Facebook and social media websites, one of the interesting ways to hack proof your phone is by creating an alter ego for the internet. As farfetched as this may seem, steering criminals in the wrong direction is actually a fundamental way in thwarting their continued online criminal activities.

Not everyone will appreciate cat fishing the world, or specific people on the net in order to protect themselves, or their self interests. Still, I firmly believe that in this trying time of dying net neutrality and widespread internet hacking, your cybersecurity should be of primary performance. Without a quality form of security network to protect your online activities, you are open for attack. Prevent them by following these ways to hack proof your phone.


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