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The Dark Web

What is the Dark Web and how can I be safe while using it?

By Raven Nope ;)Published 6 years ago 3 min read

The Dark Web is a secret part of the internet. Think of the internet like an iceberg. The visible part of the iceberg is the clear web. The clear web is things that you use every day like Google and Yahoo. But that's only the visible part of the iceberg. Most of the iceberg is below the water in what is known as the Deep/Dark Web. It can either be called the Deep or the Dark Web. In this, I will be referring to it as the Dark Web.

The Dark Web is where a lot of illegal things happen. You can buy drugs, sex, fake documents, and even hit-men. It is a scary place. Now, I don't go onto the Dark Web to buy things like that, no. I go on the Dark Web out of curiosity. I just like to see the crazy websites and the crazy things people do and sell. It is insane, the things on the deep web.

Now, in order to get onto the Dark Web, you need to download a special search engine. This will allow you to search things and find websites that won't show up on google.


This website may look silly, but that's the point. You wouldn't expect this normal looking website to be so dark.

Now you can visit many websites looking for information about how to be safe on the Dark Web, but no one tells you how to use it. Well, I'm here to tell you just that! Now, you use it just like you use Google. You search something, and websites come up that are related to it. Now what a lot of websites don't tell you is that the illegal stuff isn't the only thing that comes up. No, everything comes up, just like Google. You have to search around to find what you are looking for. You can search forever without finding anything. Or you can find what you're looking for really quickly. You will usually find drugs and fake documents. Now, while looking around on the Dark Web there are some things you should be aware of.

The Dark Web is filled with hackers. So you have to be careful. Hackers will try and hack your webcam. That's why I have my webcam covered with a little sticker, that way hackers couldn't see me. I suggest that if you are going to be on the Dark Web, that you cover up your webcam too.

Just like on the clear web, you should never give out your address. The Dark Web does not mess around. People will come to your house. People could rob you, or kidnap you. You should also avoid giving out your phone number and your email. If you give out this information, hackers will try and hack you.

Another thing you should look at for is for something called "The Blue Whale Game". This is a terrible online game that always ends in the player committing suicide. The game consists of a "Games Master" giving the player dangerous challenges every day for 50 days. The challenges differ by each person but the last challenge is always the same. The Game Master tells the player to take their own life.

I bet you're wondering, why does the player go through with this? Why don't they back out? Well, the Game Master is usually a hacker. If you don't do what they say, they will ruin your life. They will leak personal information. Avoid this game at all cost.

Now you know every you need to safely navigate the Dark Web! As long as you're careful, you can go onto the Dark Web and discover interesting things like I do! I don't do anything illegal on the Dark Web, I like to see what I can find. I hope you discover interesting things too. Feel free to send me links to the websites you find. As you can probably tell, I love to learn about the dark, secret part of the internet. I hope you do too!


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Raven Nope ;)

Hello! I'm Raven! I like to write science fiction. I love to write and I'm so glad I found a website to post all my short stories!

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