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Smart Home Electricity Products

by James Lizowski 5 years ago in gadgets
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If you want to really save money on your energy bills, installing these smart home electricity products will help you out, big time.

If you're a major geek, or if you are a huge fan of convenience, then you've already been looking into making your home into a smart home. Smart homes offer a slew of benefits, including better security, better convenience, and of course, the opportunity to save on your electric bills.

People who are getting sick of seeing sky-high bills every month might want to make a point to invest in smart home electricity products that help reduce costs — and increase convenience. Here are the best choices, according to electricians and tech geeks alike.

Light bulbs have always been associated with being bright, but never like this. These smart home electricity products allow you to control the lights without ever having to flip a switch. Alexa-compatible and wi-fi accessible, these cool LED light bulbs are meant to reduce electricity usage, be dimmable, and also make your home just a little bit more convenient.

There's also an environmental aspect to these bulbs that we enjoy. Since they are LED light bulbs, they won't burn out for years — and that means you get quite a lot of use out of these smart bulbs without having to worry about waste or toxic cleanups.

This trio of TP-link bulbs will help assure you that you will get all the smart lighting you need in your home, without having to spend too much money.

Looking for a little bit more ambiance control, but don't want to buy traditional bulbs that'll burn out in a second? Then one of the best smart home electricity products you can buy is a LOHAS Smart LED bulb.

Unlike the trio of bulbs that we showed above, this smart bulbs app-controlled and has a bunch of different colors built into it. So, if you're looking for a sultry boudoir look, you can make your lights turn pink via the app. Meanwhile, if you're feeling more placid, a light blue can be doable, too.

Best of all, this home lighting setup works with Alexa and other smart devices, is dimmable, and only exerts nine Watts in power.

It doesn't make sense to talk about smart home electricity products without talking about smart plugs. Smart plugs allow you to program items to turn on and off in your home without your presence, can track your energy usage, and also work with a number of smart home devices.

Geeni's ENERGI smart plugs are compatible with both Alexa and Google Home, and also have the added perk of being controlled with a specialized Geeni app. Overall, it's a great buy that allows you to schedule and control your home with ease — all while saving money on electricity.

General Electric has always been known to make good products, and while there are literally hundreds of smart plugs on the market, not many of them are actually made for outdoor use. GE's Z-Wave Outdoor Plugs are Z-wave compatible, allow you to enjoy outdoor lighting as you see fit, and are incredibly rugged.

If you've ever wanted to show your neighbors that you have a truly smart home, then this affordable, hub-compatible product is just what the doctor ordered. Since it's pretty rare to see an outdoor smart plug, we're putting this on a list of must-have smart home electricity products for home improvement gurus.

One of the bigger drains on electricity budgets is water heating, which is why taking a long, hot bath tends to be such a huge drain on resources. Believe it or not, smart home technology has come up with a solution.

The Rheem 50 Gallon Smart Heater is one of the best smart home electricity products for people who love long baths but hate large electric bills. This slick technology has programs that allow your home to maximize the impact of electricity, program your water heating, and also slow down energy usage when you're away.

Did we mention it's wi-fi compatible? We should. It's a cool heater.

Nest is one of the first companies to really embark on the smart home route, and as such, makes quite a few smart home electricity products worth writing about. Their smart home thermostats tend to be the most well-known.

According to one study, using a Nest thermostat paid for itself within two years for most homes. With an average annual saving of $140 per household, having a thermostat that learns your habits means that you will get as many savings as possible — all while enjoying the luxury of a smart home.


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