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Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the digital economy has been

by Ron Burrows 3 months ago in cybersecurity
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Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the digital economy has been

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the digital economy has been promoted to the national strategy. The important position of "data" is pointed out in the "14th five-year Plan for the Development of Digital economy" issued by the State Council. We should take data as the key element, strengthen the construction of digital infrastructure, improve the governance system of digital economy, and jointly promote digital industrialization and industrial digitization, so as to provide strong support for the construction of digital China. According to the data of 2021 Global Digital economy Conference, the scale of China's digital economy has ranked second in the world for many years in a row. The second issue of Qiushi magazine, published on January 16, published an important article by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president, and chairman of the Central military Commission, entitled "constantly strengthening, optimizing, and expanding China's Digital economy." it is clearly stated in the article that the development of digital economy is of great significance and is a strategic choice to seize the new opportunities of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform.

The country is speeding up the construction of a high-speed ubiquitous, heaven-earth integration, cloud-network integration, intelligent and agile, green, low-carbon, secure and controllable intelligent and comprehensive digital information infrastructure starting with 5G network and national integrated data center system. In order to keep up with the pace of national development and better stimulate the vitality of the digital economy, Cyber Security and Informatization magazine joined hands with IT Operation and maintenance Network to launch the selection of "DC Yinghao" data center model project, which selected excellent cases of data center construction and played an exemplary role, making the data center an important engine for building a new digital economy system and giving full play to the advantages of massive data. Enable the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, so as to continue to strengthen, optimize and expand the digital economy.

We will select "DC Yinghao" data center "carbon neutralization" model project, "DC Yinghao" data center operation and maintenance model project and "DC Yinghao" data center security model project from three aspects: carbon neutralization, operation and maintenance, and security. Now solicit your data center success stories for all enterprise users. If your enterprise or service customers have outstanding performance, uniqueness or innovative experience in the construction and deployment of data centers (carbon neutralization, operation and maintenance, security, etc.), you can participate in the recruitment and selection of this model project. and provide relevant information.

Case solicitation requirements

1. For the relevant articles and materials of the enterprise data center case, the case materials submitted are electronic files, and the application materials are required to be clear in theme, complete in content, clear in thinking, rigorous in discussion, true and reliable, including user name, industry, case background, plan implementation deployment, case effect, experience value and innovation. Please submit 1-2 pictures related to the case content at the same time. Please send it to the contact email before the deadline.

two。 The content of the case should be focused on according to the application area, such as data center "carbon neutralization" success case, data center operation and maintenance success case, data center security success case.

3. Word requirement: 1500 to 1700 words

4. Picture requirements: high definition original picture above 600K

5. Time requirement: before March 18, 2022

6. Reference outline:

(1) the construction background, purpose and significance of enterprise data center.

(2) detailed process or project explanation for the enterprise to implement the data center scheme

(3) the effect of the enterprise after the construction of the data center, what are the highlights or innovations in the data center.

Final selection and value of cases

Cases participating in the selection will eventually have the opportunity to:

1.?? The case was selected as the special topic of "DC Yinghao data Center Model Project", which will be published in Network Security and Informatization magazine, IT Operation and maintenance Network, and promoted in the magazine's official WeChat account at the same time.

2.?? Selected enterprises and users will be invited to attend the "2022 Smart data Center Summit (IDCS)" host forum, the organizers will hold the "data center model project" award ceremony.

Case submission

Contact: Cui Chaowei / Guo Juanni


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