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The "counting of the east and the west" is hot, and this year's new infrastructure is still a key area of national investment and development.

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By Ron BurrowsPublished 4 months ago 6 min read


In February this year, China launched the project of "calculating the number of the East and the West". This year's "Government work report" pointed out that effective investment should still be expanded this year, and new infrastructure is a very important aspect. So, how is the progress of China's new infrastructure construction at present? What is the focus of this year's work? On the morning of March 7, the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference, and Lin Nianxiu, vice minister of the National Development and Reform Commission, gave an answer. The following is the full text:

Speeding up the construction of a new type of infrastructure is a major policy decision made by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and it is also an important task clearly defined in the outline of the 14th five-year Plan, to promote economic and social digital transformation, it is of great significance to achieve high-level scientific and technological self-reliance and self-reliance. The new infrastructure we have proposed mainly includes three aspects: information infrastructure, integration infrastructure and innovative infrastructure. In recent years, the National Development and Reform Commission and relevant departments have carried out a series of work around these three aspects. Good results have been achieved. It can be simply summarized as "three new".

First, it has built a "new base" of the digital economy. In recent years, the construction of information infrastructure in China has been significantly accelerated. We have built the largest and technologically advanced information and communication network in the world. The 5G network has covered all prefecture-level cities, most counties and most villages and towns. A gigabit optical network has been built on a large scale throughout the country, forming a capacity to cover 300 million households. We have completed the overall layout of the national integration big data center system. Since last year, the National Development and Reform Commission has successively approved the construction plans of eight hub nodes and launched the project of "counting the east and the west" in an all-round way, with the aim of giving full play to the respective comparative advantages of the east and the west, transforming the demand for computing power in the east into a growth force in the west, and realizing the national overall planning of energy and computing power. We have achieved the rapid development of civil space infrastructure construction. At present, our satellite remote sensing system has formed a global observation capability, and the self-sufficiency rate of domestic satellite data in major areas is more than 90%.

Second, it has formed a "new support" for high-quality development. In terms of integrated infrastructure construction, we use information technology to promote the intelligent transformation of traditional infrastructure, promote economic transformation and upgrading, and greatly enhance our ability to ensure and improve people's livelihood. For example, in the field of intelligent transportation, remarkable achievements have been made in the intelligent transformation of ports and highways, with full coverage of electronic maps, comprehensive popularity of e-tickets, and the utilization rate of express electronic waybill is more than 90%. The level of people's travel experience and logistics convenience has been greatly improved. In the field of smart energy, China has released the world's first highly reliable 5G network for coal mines. A large number of unmanned operating systems have been used in the reformed coal mines, and the number of personnel in high-risk positions has been reduced by more than half, which is very beneficial to the protection of people's property and lives. In the field of industrial Internet, more than 2000 "5G + Industrial Internet" projects have been built throughout the country, which has become an important supporting force in promoting the resumption of work and production and maintaining the stability of the industrial chain supply chain. Overall, 5G not only makes online consumption close at hand, but also makes industrial manufacturing more intelligent and efficient.

Third, it has built a high-level "new advantage" of self-reliance and self-improvement. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has made many breakthroughs in innovative infrastructure construction. In terms of the number of construction, 57 major scientific and technological infrastructure have been laid out, and a number of high-level infrastructure will be built in the next five years. At that time, the number of large facilities in China will be in the forefront of the world. From the perspective of international comparison, China's major scientific and technological infrastructure has changed from following five years ago to following and running side by side, and some fields have achieved lead, reaching the international leading level. For example, our Chinese celestial eye system has made a number of major astronomical discoveries. Our "artificial sun" all-superconducting tokamak device has realized the repeatable, stable and continuous combustion of plasma for the first time, with a temperature of 120 million degrees and a duration of more than 1000 seconds.

From the perspective of the transformation of achievements, a number of strategic industrial technologies have been given birth in recent years, and a number of major social and livelihood problems have been solved. For example, the Shanghai light source facility has opened up a new way for the efficient utilization of natural gas and shale gas, which provides a strong foundation for us to develop natural gas and shale gas in the future. Lanzhou heavy ion research facility has developed a heavy ion cancer treatment device, which has achieved a major breakthrough in high-end medical devices. It can be said that the major scientific and technological infrastructure, which seems to be "high-end", is actually very close to us and is profoundly changing our production and life.

This year's Central Economic work Conference proposed to appropriately carry out infrastructure investment in advance, and in accordance with the requirements of the relevant deployment, the National Development and Reform Commission will focus on three areas of work:

First, speed up the construction of projects in key areas. First, speed up the improvement of network-based facilities. Efforts will be made to implement the basic network improvement project and the 5G integration application demonstration project in small and medium-sized cities in the central and western regions, so as to bridge the digital divide and fill the application deficiency. The second is the unified layout of node-type facilities. We will speed up the construction of 10 national data center clusters and promote the construction of national new Internet exchange centers and national Internet backbone direct connection points in a safe and orderly manner. The third is to deploy forward-looking facilities in advance. We will speed up the implementation of the pre-project conditions, speed up the landing, implementation and construction of major scientific and technological infrastructure projects clearly defined in the 14th five-year Plan, start a number of pre-research projects in a timely manner, and continuously enhance China's original innovation capability.

Second, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of market players to invest. Mainly achieve three "feet". First, leave enough space. The new type of infrastructure is mainly invested by market players, and we will further relax the area of access, lower the threshold for investment, and let social capital play a full role in this area. Second, it is necessary to give sufficient policies. We will increase credit support for new infrastructure construction, innovate financial instruments, broaden fina


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