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Security high-frequency words in the two sessions: network security, data security, vehicle network security.

Information security

By Ron BurrowsPublished 6 months ago 6 min read

At present, the digital economy is becoming a new engine driving economic growth. In the aspect of escorting the high-quality development of digital economy, network security has increasingly become an important factor that can not be ignored. During the two sessions of the National people's Congress this year, a number of CPPCC members and NPC deputies made suggestions and suggestions on network security.

Zhou Hongyi, member of the CPPCC National Committee and founder of 360 Group, put forward a proposal on "upgrading network security to digital security and building a solid digital security barrier". Aiming at the new scene of industrial digitization, new digital technology and application scene, and building city-level digital space security infrastructure and emergency system, this paper puts forward the proposal of building digital security system. Zhou Hongyi said in the proposal that as digitization permeates all aspects of the national economy, society, and government, it is necessary to simultaneously upgrade network security to digital security and establish a digital security barrier system to ensure the development of digital economy and the construction of digital China.

The network security problems brought about by the rapid development of digital economy are various, especially the new security problems spawned by new business type, such as vehicle network security and so on.

Tan Minqiang, deputy to the National people's Congress, deputy chief engineer of Dongfeng Company, party committee secretary and director of the Technology Center of Dongfeng Company, has been paying close attention to the development of Intelligent Network Associated vehicles. During the two sessions of this year, Minqiang will focus on suggestions on the supervision system and protection capability of automobile information security standards. Tan Minqiang said that there is an urgent need to promote cooperation between different departments, different industries, and enterprises in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain from the national level, to jointly build a standardized and systematic automotive information safety protection system, standard and regulatory system, and safety supervision system.

Zhu Huarong, deputy to the National people's Congress, party committee secretary and chairman of Changan Automobile, proposed that the development of Intelligent Network Automotive should pay attention to data security and privacy protection, and suggested that we should improve the system of laws and regulations to accommodate the development of emerging industries within the scope of safety control; government guidance, laws and regulations guarantee, standard unification, accelerate industry cooperation, break down data barriers Reasonably formulate automobile data security and privacy protection requirements, establish reliable automobile data circulation channels, meet the data security requirements, and further promote the development of intelligent network-connected vehicles.

This year's government work report proposes to promote the national security system and capacity-building. Strengthen network security, data security and personal information protection. This fully illustrates the importance of maintaining network security and data security.

Lian Yuming, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), vice chairman of the CPPCC Chaoyang District of Beijing, president of the Beijing International Institute of Urban Development, and chairman of GDI, pointed out that the digital economy is an important weather vane for high-quality development in the new era. As a new factor of production and a new mechanism that can participate in the distribution of data contribution rate, data must first be clearly defined as data ownership, and then the legal norms of data rights, data utilization and data protection can be determined.

Tan Jianfeng, member of the CPPCC National Committee, president of the Fifth Space Information Science and Technology Research Institute and honorary president of the Shanghai Information Security Industry Association, will submit a proposal on strengthening the control of key data. Tan Jianfeng suggested that the relevant laws and regulations should be refined to clarify the ownership of data in order to improve the maneuverability of data security law enforcement. At the same time, a national "data bank" should be set up as soon as possible, and a special agency should be set up by the state to uniformly manage and control it, so as to avoid the abuse of biometric data in the market, so as to maximize the security of key data and national security.

The development of digital economy will inevitably give rise to all kinds of cyber crimes. in view of the current grim situation of cybercrime, Huo Tao, a deputy to the National people's Congress and chairman and CEO of Guizhou Baishanyun Science and Technology Co., Ltd., suggests that to create a national unified Internet real-name authentication platform, Internet platforms involving users' registration and login are required to have unified access to the system. Standardize real-name authentication technology, if necessary, combined with video real-person authentication; through the platform to provide authorization management functions and audit means. Through the establishment of a unified Internet authentication platform, we can more effectively combat cyber crime, enhance the ability of comprehensive network governance in our country, and provide strong support for the network power.

Information security is also involved not only in the digital economy but also in other areas. Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi and deputy to the National people's Congress, mentioned in strengthening the recycling of electronic waste that in all aspects of the recycling of electronic waste, we should strictly implement the operational norms for the protection of personal information and ensure the security of data and information. We will open up the "last kilometer" of personal information security and effectively improve the recovery rate of electronic waste.

Recently, meta-universe has become a hot topic. Meta-universe paints a new picture of science and technology for us. Although the meta-universe era has not yet arrived, many people have begun to worry about the many security risks that exist in the meta-universe. This time, Tan Jianfeng submitted a proposal on strengthening the supervision of the meta-universe market to guard against the risks of the new digital economy. Tan Jianfeng said: from the history of the development of the Internet, the governance of public opinion, the supervision of transactions, the protection of personal privacy and even the maintenance of national sovereignty in the network virtual society are serious challenges, which are still being explored and improved. meta-universe will bring greater challenges to the above-mentioned problems, and relevant industry regulatory departments should study regulatory policies in advance to prevent possible systemic risks.

As another national strategic project, the "calculation of the East and the West" project has become the focus of the industry as soon as it is launched. Yan Wangjia, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's political Consultative Conference and CEO of Qiming Star Information Technology Group Co., Ltd., mentioned in the proposal on comprehensively promoting the construction of "numerical profit" infrastructure to help the country implement the strategy of "counting the east and counting the west". Take the city as the fulcrum, we will comprehensively promote the construction of mathematical infrastructure. These infrastructure include, but are not limited to: city-level computing infrastructure (city public data center), city-level data exchange and transaction infrastructure, city-level network security operation center infrast


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