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Run away, the feeling of being a programmer in a state-owned enterprise in Northeast China for a month!

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By Nell JonasPublished 6 months ago 6 min read

In addition, it may be because of the state-owned enterprises, all the stations are big partitions. If they were replaced by the big general tables that are common in the company now, it is estimated that the number of people could be more than ten. After all, I didn't have a formal station when I first came here.


Compared with working for other companies, perhaps the biggest experience here is that you don't have to think about what to eat. The company has a canteen, provides lunch, dishes can not be chosen, but every day four dishes and one soup, with fruit or yogurt. Compared with the daily struggle to choose takeout, I am very satisfied with this.

If you work overtime at night, the company will order meals together, and the cost of a meal is probably between 20 and 30 yuan. Of course, you can't choose what to eat and eat whatever you have.

Why does breakfast end up? because breakfast in the company is served before eight o'clock in the morning and goes to work at 08:30. It's a little hard.

Fortunately, the company provides simple snacks, bread, ham sausage, instant noodles, etc., although occasionally emptied by everyone, but it is better than none.


The last company is only 1 kilometer away from my home, so I didn't buy a car since I returned to Harbin. It was very pleasant to walk to work every day.

Not now, the new company is several kilometers away from home, of course, I do not choose to buy a car, subway travel, fast and convenient, but also worry, the only disadvantage is to walk 1.5 kilometers.

Taxi can be reimbursed after eight o'clock in the evening, but it can only be online ride-hailing, it may be a taxi ticket, it's too troublesome to paste it. Anyway, I don't take a taxi because I find it troublesome to reimburse.


What is a tool? for programmers, it is a computer. The company provides computers, but the performance is mediocre. You can buy it yourself, provide the invoice to the company, and then return the money on a monthly basis. But if the price range of the computer is to reach more than 10000, I am a good guy. I bought my computer for only 5700 yuan. I can't report it. But there is no reason, after all, I am not used to apples! (actually, I haven't used it yet)

The company's conference room facilities are still good, a variety of projection screens and so on, more advanced, completely abandon the traditional projector and so on, which also makes me feel differently about the company.

If you also provide a monitor or something, just apply for it yourself.

On-the-job experience

The position I am interviewing for is a java developer, and there is no problem with using the regular java framework. The interview process is relatively simple, mainly some commonly used components, simple implementation principles and so on, so it passed smoothly.

But the more regrettable company cut some for me, but it is about 20% higher than the original, and the position is not very high. To be honest, I am still a little uncomfortable, after all, the whole interview process, and my understanding of personal ability is still relatively clear.

But when I joined the job, I realized that this is Harbin after all, and there is still a great relationship between income and age. There are several eldest brothers in the department, all of whom are 35 +, and they are only one level higher than me. I will be relieved to think about it. I hope I can get a promotion and a raise in the future.

Generally speaking, the people in the Northeast are still open and bright, mention something directly, and there is nothing to beat around the bush in their work, and the work is done. On my first day in the company, I arranged my work and didn't treat me as an outsider at all.

Work experience

Now that we're talking about work, let's talk about it.

On my first day at the company, I found a temporary position, and the leaders created various git accounts and Zen accounts for me, and threw a project to me, which was required to be completed by the middle of this month. What I thought in my heart at that time was really: northeastern people are really easy to get along with, just like old colleagues. What can I do? I'm done.

The project is still very simple, and the regular springboot + mybatis + vue2 small projects will probably be finished in a week before the middle of the month.

What surprises me is the deployment process. I can't believe you're using the devops tool KubeSphere. I only say this sentence you may not understand, this is my third company in Harbin, no company has ever used K8S or even related devops tools. It can only be said that the cloud degree of Harbin software industry is still too low. The only jenkins in the last company is because I want to build it lazily.

However, the relevant content of the operation and maintenance is in the hands of the operation and maintenance personnel, so if you want to know and master the relevant knowledge, you still have to learn it in private.

Projects are actually small projects, mainly web-based and app-based, and are basically single architectures with separate front and rear ends. The only micro-service architecture I have come into contact with should be the middle station of the company, which provides unified permission configuration and login authentication, which is very good as a whole.

Although the company has a lot of projects and the work seems to be very busy, it is actually quite relaxed and happy, and I can handle it well. I usually work overtime until 07:30 every night in order to have dinner. It's better to use this time of night, and it's good.

Generally speaking, it is the work rhythm that I prefer.

Personal analysis

I am an unstable person, it is easier for me to lose interest when I do something for a long time, but I still enjoy the feeling of adapting to the environment when I first changed my job. It is also possible to prefer this kind of challenging feeling.

Compared with the previous company, this company obviously spends more time in the company and is not so leisurely, but I think it is more suitable for me. After all, I am a restless person, and the comfortable environment makes me feel particularly anxious. Busy life will make my life feel full.

I remember the previous article said that my physical fitness is not very good, but recently I do not know that the distance to work has become longer, resulting in an increase in the amount of exercise, and the symptoms of discomfort seem to be small before. I'm really sick!

When it comes, be at ease, always remind yourself that if you try harder, the sunshine will always be after the wind and rain.


At the end of sharing, Jack has to say that there seem to be few larger Internet companies in Northeast China, and the number of algorithm posts is even less.

I've seen a lot of this kind of news:

However, it is hard to say how many years it will develop.

That's all for today.


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