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Need a VPN? Here Is How to Get the Best Deal Right Now

by Dominic 2 years ago in product review
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VPN is a hot topic right now and everybody who cares about their privacy and anonymity online already has a VPN on their devices or are waiting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday discounts to start. Here is the biggest deal you can get this year.

Surfshark is a well-known VPN provider, well at least for those who have some interest in this market. But it is not a VPN made only for tech geeks who know how it works step by step. Surfshark is build for everyone, from those tech savvy people to those who just needs a little bit of privacy online with just one click.

So as you already understood Surfshark is really easy to use. Surfshark is also the only one in the market that supports an unlimited number of devices, which is really cool if you wish to share one account with others.

But let's dive in how Surfshark can actually help you:

  • It keeps you 100% anonymous and secure online with just one click, they do not collect logs, which means that even they do not know what you are up to online. They have a kill-switch, which means there is 0% chance that your information will leak, even if your VPN connection drops, oh, and DNS leak protection also helps.
  • It will help you to bypass all sorts of geographical restrictions online. First of all it will help you to watch any countries Netflix library and it will help you to access such geo-blocked streaming platforms as Disney+. But Surfshark doesn't limit themselves to bypassing entertainment related restrictions, they are also bypassing censorships online created by government itself. For example the Great Firewall of China.
  • This VPN even can help you bypass price discriminations online, so you will be able to get cheaper plane tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, or even get cheaper products online.
  • And of course such features as 24/7 customer support, 30-day money back guarantee, supporting torrenting, build-in ad-blocker, easy set up on any device.

So how to actually get their Black Friday Discount?

I found a guide here and I will share the steps with you, just hold on tight and prepare your credit cards or bitcoins.

  • Go to Surfshark website, select any plan and then insert the coupon code BF19 in "got coupon?" window
  • Easier way: just follow this link, the coupon code will be already inserted in: https://surfshark.com/black-friday?coupon=BF19
  • Sign up with your email and continue the purchase

You will get 83% discount and +3 free months with this coupon code. It will cost you $1.77 per month, which is really cheap for a good VPN.

I just want to wish you all safe Surfing on the internet and safe shopping during Black Friday!

P.S. I am going to watch Jaws, I got inspired and nostalgic looking at Surfshark landing page, haha

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