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Key Elements to Consider While Choosing a Network Monitoring Tool

by Sun Technologies about a month ago in how to
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Top 4 key elements to consider while choosing a network monitoring tools for your organization

Sun Technologies' Network Monitoring Solutions

In today's digital world, businesses reply on the networks for their day-to-day communications and operations. A good network in the organizations can help them achieve their goals effortlessly by satisfying customer and client demands by keeping the highest user experience.

As businesses are constantly growing with the emerging technology stack, the number of internal and external resources, and customer base, organizations also need to expand their networks to keep operations running smooth and uninterrupted. This becomes challenging for the organization's network administration teams to manually monitor and maintain the whole network infrastructure, leading to frequent network downtime, unauthorized user/device login, maul function of the infrastructure hardware, and many more. This also decreased the resources' productivity and slope down the user experience. That's where Network Monitoring Tools comes in.

So, let's take a brief look to know the Network Monitoring Tools and the basics of how they are useful for organization IT admiration team?

Network Monitoring Tools are one of the essential software that the organization's IT team should adopt. These tools help the IT administration teams monitor the whole network infrastructure, including all servers, routers, switches, and connected devices to the network. These tools track the network end-to-end and display the performance metrics data in dashboards, which can further be used to discover assets, and optimize and troubleshoot any issues in the connected devices within the network.

In addition, these tools can also be capable of detecting and tracking all applications implemented on the on-premises and cloud servers, which makes work simple for the organization's IT administration team to track, detect and identify the performance and also the source of the issue if anything is arrived from a cloud-based application or from within the network itself.

The organization's IT leaders get confused with the various Network Monitoring Tools available in the market. Choosing a suitable network monitoring tool is very essential to keep the organization's network safe and uninterrupted. Below are a few key elements to consider while choosing a Network Monitoring Tool for your organization in 2022.

1. Understanding your requirements

When it's something about your organization's network, it is crucial to understand your entire network by conducting a physical audit on the number of servers, routers, switches, applications, and devices connected to the network with the resources required to manually monitor the entire network. After gathering all the information, the IT leaders should prepare requirements specific for your organization with the checklist.

This will helps the organization's IT leaders better understand their internal network and choose a perfect Network Monitoring Tool specific to their requirements.

2. Less complexity in deployment

Its known how useful a network monitoring tool is for your organization, but a tool with the heavy API and complexity involved in deployment will not serve the desired purpose.

Organization's IT leaders have to evaluate a network monitoring tool with a lighter API and minimal time required for installation in their systems, including servers and storage configuration, deploying agents, creating databases, and continually managing the different devices in the IT infrastructure.

3. Better usability and scalability

As the IT resources are under constant pressure in maintaining the whole organization's infrastructure and other devices, it is always good to have an easy-to-use UI for better tracking of the real-time data in the dashboard and to prepare actionable reports in less time by keeping the IT administrators focus on the core business activities.

Another major factor IT leaders to consider is the evaluation of the scalability of the tool. As the organization's network will continuously grow in proportionality to business, it is crucial to choose a flexible and scalable network monitoring tool that is future-proof and capable for integrating emerging technologies, nodes, users, devices, and servers by scaling its data collection to provide customized reports.

4. Automatic detection and alert feature

The whole purpose of implementing a network monitoring tool is to reduce the workload of the IT administrator and enhance the monitoring. It is challenging for the organization's IT administration team to monitor 24/7. A perfect network monitoring tool should be capable to auto-scan the entire network in minimal ping-time and alerting the administrator if there is any network downfall or unauthorized login.

The organization's IT leaders have to consider evaluating a network monitoring tool with auto-scan, auto-detect, and alert features, which can increase the productivity of the resources and keep the organization's network smooth and uninterrupted.

5. Enhanced security with encryption capabilities

It is known that the whole organization's data is connected with the network, and cybercriminals will always look for vulnerable paths to exploit your network. It is a concern for the IT administration team to encrypt the data servers as it requires additional full-size resources to protect, monitor, and maintain.

Adopting a new-age network monitoring tool with inbuilt capabilities to encrypt the entire network up to 7 layers can protect the organization's network from any cyberattacks and enhance the security of the network.


It doesn't matter what size your organization is, keeping the network safe and uninterrupted is a top priority for any IT leader. A suitable network monitoring tool should be lightweight in API, with increased accessibility, and save cost in vendor lockins.

One such tool is Sun's Network Monitoring Tool (SNMT) which is a fully automated network monitoring solution for all-size organizations operating in any business, with customized dashboards, auto-detect, and alert facilities that help IT leaders study, monitor, and manage their organization's network by increasing their productivity and reducing cost.

Contact us to learn in detail about our homegrown SNMT solutions, why and how they can be useful for your organizations!

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