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Jaipur Metro: A Guide to the Pink City’s Rapid Transit System

Jaipur Metro: A Guide to the Pink City’s Rapid Transit System

By prashant soniPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

I love going by the metro train in any city where I can. Chhavi and I have been visiting Jaipur much of the time for her tennis competitions. We stay at Ibis Jaipur which is right close to the common lines metro station. I currently routinely utilize the Jaipur Metro, especially to go to the old city as I can keep away from all the traffic. We additionally use it much of the time to go back and forth from the Jaipur Railroad Station.

Jaipur Metro has One Line

Common Lines Metro Station on Jaipur Metro at dusk

As Jaipur Metro has only one line, it is truly simple to utilize. The line runs from Mansarovar to Badi Choupar. There are 10 stations in all between these two closures. I have utilized it often between Common Lines and Badi Choupar. Jaipur Metro train has 4 mentors and the stand by time normally is about 5 minutes.

Less Swarmed

Young ladies taking selfie at Jaipur Metro

I have utilized the Jaipur metro the entire hours, morning, early afternoon, night and night. In the event that I contrast it with Delhi or London Metro, the pinnacle hours in Jaipur Metro are a breeze. We all tend to stand where the lift or the steps bring us. I simply walk somewhat away towards the start or the finish of the train and as a rule carve out seats at any opportunity.

Utilizing the Metro Card

Jaipur Metro Cards

I purchased the Jaipur Metro Cards whenever I first utilized the train. I actually have them. I top them up when the cash begins to run short. You can top up the card at any metro station. It is advantageous and works for me.

Going to the Old City

Old City, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

The traffic around the old city is normally a bad dream in Jaipur. Be that as it may, the metro takes us right to the core of the city. Get down at the Choti Choupar for City Royal residence and Jantar mantar. Get down at the Bari Choupar for Hawa Mahal. From Common Lines it requires 15 to 20 minutes to arrive at these areas. And afterward we appreciate strolling around the landmarks and the neighborhood markets.

Going to the Railroad Station

Common Lines Metro Station Jaipur

From Common Lines, Railroad Station is only one stop away! I stroll up with my gear to the Railroad Station utilize the lift, board the metro and get down at the Common Lines Metro Station. From that point I can without much of a stretch stroll to the Ibis Inn. I echo something very similar to go once again to the Rail route Station and bring the train back home. I love this since I don't need to manage a solitary auto driver in getting around the town for certain areas!

Generally speaking

Jaipur Metro Rail

As a vacationer I love Jaipur Metro. It takes me to the ideal locations with solace. It is great for the climate as well. At the point when I previously utilized the Jaipur Metro I read that Chandpol was the closest station to the vacation destinations. That is at this point false. Choti Choupar and Badi Choupar are nearer to City Royal residence, Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal. I have not investigated that piece of Jaipur that goes from Common Lines to Mansarovar. At some point, I will basically jump on the metro and see what it brings to the table!

BR Slopes one of my top picks

Everytime I consider the Western Ghats, I recall my class when we used to stamp and variety the western stretch of India on the guide, as far as possible from the tip of Tamil Nadu to Kerala and straight up to Goa. And afterward there was the Eastern Ghats too.

KMTR Western Ghats

Manimuthar Dam in KMTR

I used to have two unique shades of brown - the hazier and bolder one was utilized to stamp the Western Ghats and the lighter shade was for the Eastern.

Valparai backwoods Western Ghats

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