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Trending Best Practices for Software Quality Assurance in 2022

by Sun Technologies 2 months ago in product review
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Read the blog to know the trending best practices for software quality assurance in 2022.

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In the growing digital world, organizations are releasing a lot of applications in the market to keep up with the phase of constantly changing customer demands. The organization must maintain its applications free from bugs and glitches, which can help them gain customer loyalty in the longer run. The only recommended way to maintain the application free from bugs and glitches parallel to development is to implement software quality assurance (SQA) within the development process.

As the software quality assurance process is an umbrella with software testing and software quality control processes combined under it. A right implemented software quality assurance process can deliver satisfactory applications free from bugs and glitches that establish trust as per the client’s requirements.

By now, you would be getting a clear idea of why software quality assurance is crucial for delivering quality applications. This blog will discuss trending best practices in software quality assurance that will help your organization have the highest quality application and gain customer loyalty.

1. Have a dedicated team for performance testing and security testing

Security testing and its performance are two different processes that require two individual expertises that protect the application from performance and security parameters. Having a dedicated teams for performance testing as well security testing within the organization quality assurance team is best practice which ensures application performance to be on top with greater protection from new security threads.

2. Adopting trending scriptless test automation tools

It is time-consuming and challenging for the organization's quality assurance team to develop and test the application with the heavy code-based tools. This also increases the chances of human errors and extends the delivery time of the project. Organizations need to adopt the emerging AI-based scriptless test automation tools, which help the quality assurance team to develop and automate the whole testing cycle in less time. This also increased the organization's ROI by delivering the projects on time and gaining customer satisfaction.

Check out Sun Technologies’ homegrown AI-empowered test automation tool IntelliSWAUT, a lightweight solution for all your web, mobile applications, API, and windows by running the test cycle 5x faster than the legacy process.

3. Simulate the environment as the end-user

The most challenging phase in software quality assurance is meeting the end-user expectation. Meeting the end-user directly can help the quality assurance team gather the expected requirements, improvise the application, and add new features by the development teams. Whether it’s an external user or the internal user, the organization should consider implementing end-user simulation in the test production phase as the best practice in the software quality assurance process, which can help deliver the final product as expected by the users.

4. Implement the priority based focus

Agile development has enabled collaborative features by testing the application parallel to the development process. Since the quality assurance team can’t test the entire application on the prioritized based on any major script changes made in the heavily used element of the application. It is easy for the organization quality assurance team to test the application by automating the untouched elements, and focusing only on the major elements of the application with parallel to the development process is noted as a best practice.

5. Implement Two-Tier and Three-Tier test automation approach

Implementing multiple approaches in your software quality assurance can help test automation and development to the team to synchronize with the application's different layers. This speeds up the time to test and time to market.


In order to stay ahead in the changing market trends, it is essential for organizations to stay updated on the trends that will help them achieve their goals without extra effort. The trending best practices of the software quality assurance process mentioned above will help the organization deliver high-quality products. It is also crucial to make the relevant changes in the process according to the customer demands. Partnering with the right software quality assurance vendor can help you with a customized test automation process with emerging tools and technologies by keeping the process transparent, flexible, and with no vendor lock-in.

Are you looking for a Software quality assurance vendor who can deliver customized test automation solutions for your business? Sun Technologies has a bunch of highly-experienced quality assurance experts who can deliver custom solutions for all your QA challenges.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to know more about our expertise in your industry.

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