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Is Apple Planning to Launch Their Own Search Engine?

Is this True?

By Manpreet Singh BhinderPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Image Source - https://medium.com/macoclock/the-existence-of-an-apple-search-engine-2672e0d0efc7

"I'm not doing any promotion nor I'm a Apple promoter. This is just a ongoing rumour that I want to share it with you all."

A recent media stories some days ago got my attention of reports that Apple is working to create their own search engine similar to Google, the king of all search engines.

Apple won’t be able to compete with Google in search overnight. But the fact that it is trying? This is the fascinating move, for a company known more for its brilliantly-designed products. Just as interesting is the answer to “why now?”

It will not be easy to compete with Google, but then again, building its own technology is not a new task for Apple. Most recently Apple announced that they moving away from Intel’s chips — and unifying all the hardware (Mac, MacBook, iPhone, iPad) using the same code and dev environment. Where there’s a will (and about $200 billion in the bank) there’s a way.

Currently Google employs nearly 114,000 people, I'm not sure and not sure all of them working on search. If we say 5% people are directly involved with the Google Search Engine, that's about 6,000 people.

Many people Apple hires to develop their search engine will come from Google and that caries risks. Apple will have to be careful not to end up like Uber, being sued by Google for stolen information.

There is a rumour going on that Apple is developing their own search engine to take on Google. A new report from the information.com website describes Apple's ongoing project to develop in-house search capabilities. The Apple search engine will be a direct rival of Google Search. According to the report's, If Apple developing their own Apple search engine, then it cannot realistically happen within the next four years.

In 2018, Apple search plan was boosted by the acquisition of the recommendation startup Laserlike, which was founded by three former Google search employees. In 2018, the project was a significant one for Cupertino, with Laserlike co-founder Srinivasan Venkatachary occupying a senior role in a search-focused team numbering at least 200 employees–and this was separate from, and in addition to, the team in charge of search on the App Store.

But The Information reveals that all three Laserlike founders have since returned to Google, “dealing a potential blow to the Apple team quietly developing search capabilities that might compete head-on with Google’s.” Sources now estimate that Apple is “at least four years away from launching a potential Google search replacement.”

It’s important to worry that Apple’s plans both before and after the loss of hunt gift to Google are doubtful to have concentrated on simply erecting a straight contender toGoogle.com. Hunt is a precedence for Apple as an intertwined element it’s vital for perfecting Siri’s capability to answer queries, for limelight on Mac and iPhone, and for Siri Suggestions.

App Store search is also historically not great, and indeed though that team is separate it would be hoped that developments in one department could cross over to at least some degree. Indeed, the report notes that work by Venkatachary’s former platoon could in the future be used in this area, as well as for Apple Music.

Away from raising the quality of its products, in- house hunt capabilities could affect Apple’s nethermost line in more direct ways. At the moment, it outsources hunt to Google in a deal that earns it an estimated$ 18 to$ 20 billion per time, but recovering internal control of hunt would open up new profit openings grounded on advertising and data capture areas that Apple has n’t preliminarily shown an interest in, but which might fit its recent geste.

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